Tips For Dressing Like Your Favorite Celebrity For Halloween

October 29th, 2012 1:00pm EDT

hb It’s almost Halloween folks, which means it is time to put your creative caps on, make sure you are tan and tight to fit into the almost nothing outfit you have planned and start researching the biggest celebs of the year to imitate or just simply make fun of. If you need a few tips for dressing like your favorite celebrity, here are some suggestions.

Honey Boo Boo - There’s no easier family to make fun of than Honey Boo Boo and her clan. Perfect your best southern accent, shine up your tiara, brush your stuffed pig and your costume is complete. Don’t forget to burp loudly, sneeze mid-sentence and be loud at all times and you may be mistaken for Alana herself.

Billy the Exterminator -We love when we see costumes that are so creative you can pin point the character exactly before you awkwardly ask, “Who are you supposed to be?” No one could be better than Billy the Exterminator with the spiky, stringy hair, thin glasses, leather and chains and a big snake, squirrel and/or alligator at your side.

Lindsay Lohan - Lindsay is always a good staple costume to wear considering that she seems to weasel her way into the press almost daily. How do you prepare for your day in the life of Miss Lohan? A long, blonde wig, freckles, handcuffs and bags under the eyes. Oh, and don’t forget to hire a car service- we all know that Lindsay can’t drive!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - Simple…be big, be extravagant and be flashy. Girls- wear a prosthetic booty, fake lashes and drive a Bentley. Men- don’t smile, hate Taylor Swift and follow Kim around everywhere.

Amanda Bynes - To transform into former child star, Amanda Bynes, you need to first hitch a ride with Lindsay Lohan’s car service, dye your hair pink, have a constant spacy look in your eyes, and deny everything. Everything.

Jessica Simpson - Sorry Jessica, but this may be a tad harsh. If you want to be Jessica Simpson for Halloween, wear an oversized maxi dress with heels (make sure you stuff your bra and belly) and carry around a wad of cash, a Weight Watchers meal and a baby. Oh yeah, and find a burly looking guy who barely speaks to follow you around everywhere.

Psy - Want to have “Gangnam Style” this Halloween? Wear shades, a flashy sport coat and a bow tie. And just come out of nowhere- like everywhere you go….pop out of closets and behind bars. People may wonder who you are at first but after a few seconds, everyone is going to love you.

Suri Cruise - Even kids can participate in the dressing like your favorite celeb game. Everyone will know who your child is if she wears designer dresses and heals, carries a purse and walks around New York City with a cell phone attached to your ear.

Heidi Klum - Nobody loves Halloween move than the newly single Heidi Klum (who by the way will spend Halloween without hubby Seal by her side sadly). To be Heidi, you just need to be incredibly hot and wear an elaborate, expensive costume that attempts to make you ugly but doesn’t. Good luck with that one!

Nicki Minaj - To transform into Nicki Minaj, you will need Kim Kardashian’s booty implants, a crazy, colorful and almost obnoxious outfit and a pink wig. Costume complete.

Happy Halloween!

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