Religious Celebrities - A Bit Too Much Or Just What They Needed?

December 15th, 2012 11:00am EST

aj Religion is a beautiful collection of beliefs that can impact one’s life, change the way you look at life and sometimes segregate you from others. When speaking about celebrities in general, they usually like to stand out and go against the grain and when you add religion into the mix, we sometimes ask- is it a bit much? Some celebrities take their beliefs overboard and others simply find religion and turn their lives around for the better. Here are a few stars whose religion has changed the direction of their career.

Recently, Two and a Half Men actor, Angus T. Jones made headlines when he drastically changed his religious beliefs and disgraced his own television show. First, we knew him as a happy, little kid who was making about $350,000 per episode; next he is calling his show filthy and dissing it in the name of Jesus- huh? His spiritual guide, Christopher Hudson has compared Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, warned of cannibalism and even accused Jay-Z of satanic. Jones’ own mother thinks that he is being used and exploited by his mentor, Hudson, and his fate with the show remains up in the air. Even CBS admits that what they are experiencing with Angus isn’t half as bad as what they went through with Charlie Sheen.

Madonna- Several years ago, we started to notice a red string tied around Madonna’s wrist and it raised a few eyebrows as we weren’t familiar with the religion it was associated with- Kabbalah. But it seems that times have changed for the Kabbalah enthusiast and she is now interested in a religion called Opus Dei - the secretive Catholic sect made famous in The Da Vinci Code. The theology of Opus Dei teaches "universal holiness," which is the belief that everyone should aspire to be a saint. Although Madonna was reportedly interested in ditching Kabbalah for Opus Dei- she hasn’t been documented as a “paid member.” Whatever that means.

Whitney Houston – In 2003, the late superstar and her then husband, Bobby Brown traveled to Jerusalem for an eccentric tour of the Holy land, which ended in a baptism in the River Jordan and a failed attempt to sort out her life. Sadly, the trip couldn’t replace the demons in her life and Whitney stayed on the wrong path that led to her untimely death. It was reported that a few days before her death, she told friends that she “wanted to see Jesus and she felt that her time was coming.”

John Travolta – Scientologists John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston appeared together in the film "Battlefield Earth," which was produced by Travolta and based on the novel by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. Although John has been practicing Scientology since 1975, this controversial religion is still very popular among Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley, Jenna Elfman, Erika Christensen, Danny Masterson, Leah Remini, Priscilla Pressley and Giovanni Ribisi.

Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard recognized the link between his religion and celebrities when he said, “Celebrities are very Special people and have a very distinct line of dissemination. They have communication lines that others do not have and many Medias to get their dissemination through.” We aren’t sure what it is about the religion that draws celebrities to it, but from what we hear from Katie Holmes, it’s not all what it is cracked up to be.

Ashton Kutcher - He may have credited his ‘successful’ (we spoke too soon!) marriage to Demi Moore to Kabbalah, but Ashton isn’t ready to give up on his religion and has even introduced his new girlfriend Mila Kunis to it. According to Us Weekly, the duo attended Rosh Hashanah holiday services at the Kabbalah Center in NYC together. Let’s just hope that it works out for him this time!

Alice Cooper- Alice is proof that hard core rockers can be born-again Christians. Although his father and grandfather were both evangelists, he chose to become a rock star. After years of battling alcoholism, he embraced rehab and his faith and is now active in the organization he founded called, Solid Rock. The organization gives kids a creative alternative to drugs, alcohol and violence.

Kirk Cameron- The former child star of Growing Pains and brother to Candace Cameron left Hollywood behind to become an evangelist in the ministry, The Way of the Master, which he co-founded with wife, Chelsea Noble. Kirk also co-hosts a show in which he goes out on the street to talk up God and talk down evolution which remains a bit controversial along with his view on homosexuals. He recently stated on Piers Morgan Tonight that “homosexuality is unnatural, detrimental and ultimately destructive to foundations of civilization.”

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