10 Celebrities Who Aren't Aging Well

October 1st, 2013 6:30pm EDT

Melanie Griffith Whether it is bad genes, multiple plastic surgery procedures or simply too much partying, there are a few celebrities who look well beyond their years They can’t all be Betty White, Christie Brinkley or Sophia Loren, right? Here is our list of celebrities who aren’t aging well.
Melanie Griffith- The fifty-six year old used to be an adorable gal with a warm smile and now she looks like the plastic surgery she had is sinking off of her face.

Val Kilmer-This former Batman star may only be fifty-three but his excessive partying has definitely taken a toll on his former Batman looks.

Sharon Stone- Sharon was the smokin’ hottie former star of Basic Instinct and now it just looks as though she smoked too much.

Lindsay Lohan- She may still be in her twenties but with all of Lindsay’s bouts in rehab she looks like she could be the same age as her mom, Dina.

Steven Seagal- This action star may be considered a popular musician in France but in this country he is just plain old.

Pam Anderson- Oh Pam, what happened? At one time you were a man’s dream and now we can only dream about the way you once looked.

Teri Hatcher- We’re not sure if Teri is going through a mid-life crisis after her show, Desperate Housewives got canceled but definitely is showing the stress on her face.

Mickey Rourke- There’s not much to say about Mickey’s face that the picture doesn’t show. He looks like he should be a statue in the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum.

Heidi Montag- This is the classic case of a young girl getting too much work done too soon. When Heidi looks in the mirror she probably sees a Barbie doll, but when we look at her we see a big old mess.

Meg Ryan- What happened to the cute as a button Meg Ryan we all knew from Sleepless in Seattle? Plastic surgery, that’s what!

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