Q&A: Jennifer Lopez Discusses Her Personal Life & Latest Movie 'The Back-Up Plan'

April 21st, 2010 10:05am EDT | Fred Topel By: Fred Topel

Jennifer Lopez the back-up plan

Jennifer Lopez hasn’t always been this revealing. During the height of the J-Lo media frenzy, Lopez would never answer questions about her personal life. Now she’s a married mother of twins and that was all fair game for discussion at a press conference for her new movie, The Back-up Plan.

The movie kind of relates to her personal life. She plays Zoe, a career woman who wants to have kids, but only seems to meet losers. So she goes the sperm bank route, only to meet the man of her dreams, Stan (Alex O’Loughlin), once she’s already pregnant… with twins. Along the way, hormonal changes make her binge on chili straight from the pot, wrap herself around a pregnancy pillow and pose naked in front of her bedroom mirror.

This must be the new J-Lo. Lopez hasn’t sacrificed any of her glamour for motherhood. She rocked a beige single piece dress with just enough frills to stand out, and her perfect skin glowed with natural happiness. The Backup Plan opens Friday, but here’s the update on the Lopez/Anthony clan from the matriarch herself.

Q: You’ve been out of the spotlight for a few years with your twins. Do you see this movie as a comeback?

Jennifer Lopez: I don’t really think of it that way.  I was just home kind of on maternity leave; working and making music and doing things like that.  And now, my first movie’s coming out since I was fat.  So, that’s that.

Q: Do you see The Backup Plan as a message movie about pregnancy and children and the complications of love and lust?

JL: It’s not a message movie.  It’s a romantic comedy.  It definitely deals with modern issues, which I love.  That’s what I really liked about it.  It had a very modern voice. It seemed very up to date.  I think that’s very important for romantic comedies, that they do deal with issues. It doesn’t feel like it’s a story from 20 years ago, which some romantic comedies can be like.  So, that was one of the things that really attracted me to it.

Q: Has being a mom made you a better actress specifically in this role?

JL:  Oh, absolutely, absolutely.  But I knew. I knew that was happening as it was happening because my life and the way I felt about life and the way I felt about my children was so deep and profound.  It was the first time I felt anything like that, that I knew that as an artist that it was going to make a huge difference in everything that I did.  When I was on the movie I really did feel that.  I really felt the growth of myself as human being, as a person.

Q: Part of the movie is about going crazy shopping for twins. Did you have that same feeling shopping for your twins?

JL: I mean, so many things in this movie were art imitating life for me because I had just gone through the pregnancy.  It was really just fresh in my mind.  We really fought with the guys sometimes with certain things.  Like, “This has to stay in.  And this has to be there.  No you don’t get it.  This is important.  Women are going to love this.”  So, we used a lot of the stuff from real life.

Q: What was your real life reaction when you found out you were having twins?

JL: When I found out I was having twins, I mean I was in denial that I was even pregnant.  So when I found out I was having twins I kind of just laughed.  Like, of course this would happen.  I started giggling and Marc started crying.  It was joyous.  It was joyous. We were happy.  We were.

Q: If you hadn’t met Marc and had babies, would you have considered single motherhood?

JL:  No.  No, it’s just too hard.  Honestly, I have so much respect for single moms or anybody who finds themselves a single mother, but to even choose to be a single mother is just so courageous to me.  It is such a hard job to raise a child and to be everything to that child without a partner.  I think it’s just admirable and courageous and brave and every other valiant word I can think of.  I don’t know if I could do it on my own.  I really don’t.

Q: Even with Marc Anthony, you both have really busy careers. How do you handle it all?

JL: It’s hard.  They’re at the point right now where just the past few days, not the first day of the junket but the second day of the junket, comes to the door and start yelling, “No, mommy, mommy don’t go.”  I was like, “Oh, this is bad.”  So, that just started happening like yesterday.  I’m like, “This tough.”  I’m just going to have to figure it out as I go along.  I’m like, “I will be home and the sun will still be up.”  Like trying to explain to them it’s not going to be that long.  It won’t be night time.

Q: How old are they now?

JL: They’re two.  They just turned two.

Q: Is it the terrible twos yet?

JL: No.  They are so pleasant and happy.  They have a lot of love in their lives.  So, they’re very content children.  But now they’re starting to be able to express certain things.  Like they know when I start putting on hair and makeup and getting dressed it’s like, “She’s going somewhere.”  Sometimes they’ll come with me and they’ll know that too because they’re getting dressed.  And then sometimes they’re not.  So, I think they’re starting to put all that together.  It’s difficult, it’s difficult.

Q: Did you bring anything from your own personal experiences into the film?

JL: It’s funny because Zoe and I are so opposite because she was so comfortable being along because of having lost her parents so early.  I’m so uncomfortable being alone that we were total opposites.  It was funny because in a sense it made me admire this person.  I loved playing her because I envy people like this, in a sense but the fact that it became also her crutch, you know what I mean.  Also, kind of her big flaw is that she was so afraid to let anybody into her life that she was going to let something great pass her by.  Or subconsciously destroy it, which is what she kind of tries to do in the movie a little bit.  But no, we’re not similar in that way.  It was something I had to find and, again, just realize, “Oh god, I love her.  I kind of wish I was like her.  This’ll be great to play.”

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