Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills: Your Face Or Mine Episode Re-cap

November 14th, 2011 10:43am EST

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Adrienne Maloof’s husband, Dr. Paul Nassif, opened last night's episode with his own Paul’s Night of Beauty. The Beverly Hills plastic surgeon invited the ladies of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to his office for non-surgical beauty treatments. Unfortunately, Camille Grammer was too distressed over custody issues with ex-husband Kelsey that she decided not to join the botox party. Kyle and Lisa decide to show their concern to Camille by calling her to express their support.

Dr. Nassif has been making over many of the Beverly Hills ladies and their friends and family. Last week we saw Kyle Richards support her mother-in-law Estrella get a facelift. The practice seems to a family affair as Adrienne Maloof has held Taylor Armstrong’s hand while getting injections. Tonight she was doing the same hand holding for Kim Richards. It seems that Beverly Hills is carrying on the same tradition of botox parties that have been seen on the Orange County show. Fortunately, the cat fights at Beverly Hills cosmetic parties are more elegant than in Orange County. I personally prefer Lisa VanderPump’s posh accent get snippy at Taylor over fake tanned Alexis Bellino argue with Vicki Gunvaldson. For some reason, Beverly Hills housewives seem the ore down to Earth cast compared to their O.C. sisters. I guess that is the difference between those who are genuinely wealthy versus living high on credit though Taylor Armstrong is the exception.

During Dr. Nassif’s beauty party, Kyle Richards was treated to a waist trimming treatment while her sister Kim Richards was at home packing. Kim is preparing to move in with her secret boyfriend but Kyle has no idea about it. Eventually Kim does make it to Dr. Nassif’s office and Kyle greets her by saying that trouble has arrived. When Kim goes into the treatment room with Dr. Nassif, she insists Kyle not join her as she gets injected with facial filler. Kyle is annoyed but eventually makes her way into the treatment room where she learns that Kim is taking mediation.

Kim and her sister Kyle have a mother-daughter dynamic reminiscent of the adolescent years. Kim is always asserting herself against Kyle while Kyle tries to control Kim a lot. The Richards sisters are known as the aunts to Paris Hilton and were child stars in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The sibling relationship is fraught with jealousy and rivalry stemming back to their early Hollywood years. Their estrangement was tough on both after Kyle called Kim an alcoholic.

During her consultation with Dr. Nassif, Kim reveals that she is taking Lexipro. This revelation explains a lot of why Kim’s behavior seems odd lately. Lexipro is used to treat depression and anxiety but some of its side effects can make a person appear drunk. Fortunately for Kim, there is no adverse effect of getting dermal fillers while taking Lexipro. She decides to have injections to make her lips look fuller but insists that she not end up with Taylor Armstrong’s fish lips.

Taylor Armstrong’s lips are the most prominent feature on her face. In her attempt replicate Angelina Jolie’s puffer lips, Taylor got implants. She seems to like her lips but fans of the show are so bothered by them. They don’t look natural and appear as if she got punched. The bee sting lips just don’t work on Taylor’s thin face. If anything, Taylor Armstrong’s lips reflects her intense need to escape her past in terms of appearance, name, and personal history. Taylor used to be Shanna Hughes but later became Taylor Ford and passed herself off as a member of the Ford family before marrying Russell Armstrong.

Speaking of Taylor Armstrong, the drama between her and Lisa VanderPump erupted in between Dr. Nassif’s beauty treatments. Taylor’s late husband Russell Armstrong sent Lisa an email stating that their relationship was fine. Lisa is surprised as to why she got the message and later asks Taylor about it. Taylor’s response was to be coy and leave for another appointment without answering Lisa’s question. However, Kyle Richards knows the reason behind Russell’s email but fails to tell Lisa. In last week’s episode we learned that Russell suspects Lisa of leaking to US Weekly that the Armstrong marriage is in trouble.

Taylro appears to really care what Lisa thinks of her and is somewhat desperate for the British restaurateur’s approval. Perhaps Taylor suspects that Lisa is aware of the truth and needs her to be on her side. Lisa strikes me as someone who has clever insight on people and is just plain on to Taylor and her social aspirations.

After the beauty party we learn that Kyle Richards is hosting a séance party. While she is preparing for the event she is visited by Taylor Armstrong who expresses upset over Lisa again. Taylor complains to Kyle that she is upset that Lisa is going around Beverly Hills saying that Taylor has no friends. Kyle advises Taylor to confront Lisa despite being intimated by her.

I never understood the need for psychics. I don’t doubt their accuracy but no one is 100% on the mark. Besides, who wants to talk to the dead anyway? I like comforting messages from beyond as much as anyone but how do I know its not just a trick. For all we know Rebecca could have gone on the Internet to look up information on all the ladies to sound accurate. Either that or maybe she watches enough of the series to know what happened in past episodes.

When the séance begins Kyle introduces Rebecca, a clairvoyant and medium, who brings a magnetic energy device. Rebecca has been Kyle’s psychic for years and claims to be able to speak to dead people. The guests begin to arrive and surprisingly Faye Resnick and Camille Grammer are in the same room with a psychic once again. So are Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards. Kim Richards is missing again because she is still packing. Luckily the night does not have much drama but rather some emotional reactions from guests.

Once the ladies sit down at the séance table with Rebecca the messages from the dead begin to arrive. Adrienne Maloof’s late father George wants to speak to her. Adrienne was the only daughter in a family full of brothers. Sadly, Adrienne lost her dad at a young age which made her very emotional about their relationship. She learns that he likes how good she is working with people. Adrienne also hears from her father’s spirit that in past lives she had been in leadership positions which helps her run her various businesses. Lisa’s grandmother, who dies four years ago, also comes through and tells Lisa that their relationship was very valuable to her. Lisa’s Nanna had tried to contact her through Alison DuBois, Camille’s psychic, last year but was unable to. As for Brandi Glanville, she has good generational karma thanks to her ancestors who have given her four angels. Rebecca also tells Brandi that she will have a little girl soon. Brandi is not so sure. Taylor is not so lucky at the séance because Rebecca tells her that there are a lot of dark spots in her husband’s aura and in past lives he was involved in mob like activity. For hostess Kyle, her mother “Big Kathy” Richards reveals that in a past life Kyle was Kim’s mother which explains her over protectiveness towards Kim. Finally, we hear about Camille. Camille’s grandparents have a message for her: they are happy she is getting divorced and predict that a new man is on the horizon that doesn’t cross dress.

Alison Dubois was the psychic from hell at Camille’s dinner party last year. She was the inspiration for the TV show Medium. Apparently Alison got the predictions wrong when she said that Kyle’s husband would leave her. Instead it was Camille who got left by her husband Kelsey. As for medium Rebecca’s channeling of Camille’s maternal grandparents, this is the first time I have heard anything about Kelsey Grammer being anything but straight. He has been married several times and appears to love women. But then again we don’t really know anyone. I just hope that Kelsey doesn’t take aim at BRAVO for defamation and for taking Camille’s side.

The episode closes with Kyle going over to Kim’s house. Kim is still packing and finally reveals to Kyle her big secret. Kyle figures out that Kim’s man, Ken, is the guy she brought to the premiere of The World According to Paris. Paris Hilton, as you recall, is the niece of the Richards sisters. Kyle is upset about Kim’s plans to move further away from her and cohabitate with Ken. Ken is actually in Kim’s house and its time to meet him. Kyle is emotional and next week’s episode promises to reveal the first meeting between Kyle and Ken. So far, we know that Kyle thinks that Kim is choosing her current relationship out of loneliness.

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