Blu-ray Review: 'Halloween 4' / 'Halloween 5'

August 30th, 2012 10:00am EDT

Halloween 4 Getting ready for the famed dark October holiday? Well, Anchor Bay Home Entertainment has got you covered and we’re checking out their trick or treat bag goodies in the form of new Blu-ray’s for "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers" and "Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers" – both out this week. Check out our scary reviews below!

Title: "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers"

Grade: 3

Cast: Danielle Harris, Donald Pleasence, Ellie Cornell

Director: Dwight H. Little

Rating: R

Runtime: 88 minutes

Release Company: Anchor Bay Home Entertainment


The Flick: Yes, it’s cool that Michael Myers back in killing form. (Especially after the fromage fest that was Part 3 - Season of the Witch!) Yes, it’s great to see old man Donald “Loomis” Pleasence back in hunting mode. And yes, the Carpenter music still tingles down the spine as it should. But "Halloween 4" is essentially a mixed bag, with some cool kills and interesting direction via "Marked for Death’s" Dwight H. Little, but the whole babysitter in peril thing is a tad tired. There is some spunk thrown in via a very young and effective Danielle Harris, but this is like a watered-down version of "Halloween."

Best Feature: I actually liked the 'Commentary Track' with Cornell and Harris, especially when Harris talks about being put into a closet by Little to help her get into the emotion of the character and Cornell talks of girls who were up for her part (Melissa Joan Hart and sadly Rebecca Schaeffer) – interesting chat.

Best Hidden Gem: There’s a slew of 'Deleted and Alternate Scenes' for those who didn't get enough – have at it!

Worth the Moola: If you were dying for your Myers fix, your dull knife blade has come in!

Title: "Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers"

Grade: 2

Cast: Danielle Harris, Donald Pleasence, Ellie Cornell

Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard

Rating: R

Runtime: 96 minutes

Release Company: Anchor Bay Home Entertainment


The Flick: This smelled of the gamey money making horror fluff. Saved only by some of the stylish direction by Dominique Othenin-Girard. Didn’t Michael get killed in the fourth film? (Oh yeah, he got killed in ALL the others too!) This time out "Halloween 5" is given the Jason Voorhees Part 7 psychic treatment with Harris and Uncle Michael sharing good memories. This one is so bad that even the ever-solid Pleasence looks like he’s phoning it in – returning is obviously more potent an action as revenge is the pumpkin world.

Best Feature: There’s something just creepy about the banter between helmer Othenin-Girard and Harris – inquiring minds want to know!

Best Hidden Gem: There’s some on-set footage that may provide insight into the quandary above – check it out!

Worth the Moola: Subpar sequel out for bucks, but if you MUST complete the collection at all costs and no matter what feel free.

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Photo Credits: Photos Courtesy of Anchor Bay Home Entertainment

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