HU Column: Lights, Camera, Playboy!!!!

4/22/2011 4:31pm EDT | By: Jeremy Meyer

I was thinking to myself the other day “How many people who are reading this and reads or looks at Playboy Magazine? How about, I make it a little easier... How many people have ever wanted to walk through the pearly gates of the Playboy Mansion?

I can tell you that reading and looking at the Polaroid of pure photo shop perfection of the playmates that grace the covers of the magazine can be recycled by paying a cover price. You can look at it as much as your heart desires...and enjoy some self love like I’ve done thousands of times! :-) To be able to walk on the hollowed grounds of the Playboy empire is really exciting. To actually be able to walk into the popular mansion which is,for most, an unrealistic dream of many red blooded men worldwide is pretty mind blowing!.

Not to brag, okay maybe I will just a little bit, I’ve done both! Trust me, the walking through the grounds, enjoying an open bar and all the food that your stomach can handle is more than enough to make the trip worth it.! To tell you the truth, a Playboy event can and will not be complete before you meet the girls! Trust me, when I tell you that the grounds are full of them, BEAUTIFUL girls are ALL OVER THE PLACE!

OK! Let me stop talking about something that’s not really important and focus on my third dream, Playboy TV! It’s like the best parts of both the magazine and the exclusive parties combined into one kick ass evening for you and a guest. When I was given the opportunity to get an invite to attend a taping of the new show called “The Stash” hosted by VH1 personality Rachel Perry, I jumped! When I was asked it was not even a question that I needed to think about! It was a done deal in my eyes. Who wouldn’t want to go to the studios of Playboy TV??? The image of Playmates and Cyber Girls walking around?? EVERY mans fantasy....and some women too! ;-)

I was told to be there at 2:30 PM on Saturday but traffic was just hideous and I arrived about 35 minutes late. Actually, I got there at 3:05 PM for the 3 PM taping and I was technically early as they had not started yet. As soon as I arrived, I was escorted into the closed set and given a raffle ticket and two drink tickets. I was shown the bar and the best part was No ID Required! Not that I have to worry, I am old enough to legally drink.

Luckily for everyone, I took good notes this time and I only had one beer! It was a Miller light....I’m personally more of a Bud Light kind of guy. My point is I wasn’t buzzed to cover the taping! HAHA! The show’s taped in front of a live audience which means the laughter you hear on the show is real and not a laugh track.These may be used on other shows like this one camera green screen show. You’re also watching adult content with a group of 50 or more guys and girls and honestly, it’s kind of weird and I hope you all agree that it’s strange.The best part is the people you get to watch porn with during the show. I spotted adult star Brooke Haven.I  also believe maybe a playmate or two in this audience who could figure it out. It could be cyber girls or maybe just a few girls that should be joining the ranks of the magazine in a hurry.

When the show is not filming during downtime, they would pick winners for the raffle and do playboy trivia for cool playboy gear. Some of the items included hats, shirts, DVD’s and sweaters. I answered one question correctly! Don’t ask me how because I had no idea that I had until the producer Larry said “You’re right!” and gave me a Playboy cap to sport around the office. Oh, and I forgot to mention, they had cool stuff for the ladies including “I am in the VIP” shirts, sweaters and a few purses. Back to the show at hand now! The series is funny, weird and disturbing but so much fun! You should attend a taping if you have a chance to.

Being on set and in the audience is like joining a club. The only difference is there’s no dress code, no membership cards, no passwords and no closing times. Actually, it’s not like a club at all is it?! It’s a dream come true! Lots of girls and swearing with a host that kicks ass! “The Stash”- The Adult Clip Show you’ve always wanted to see but never though you would!

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Photo Credits: Playboy TV
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