HU Column: I Dream About Bar

5/20/2011 8:40pm EDT | By: Jeremy Meyer

LOS ANGELES (HOLLYWOOD UNWRAPPED) -- This past week was the week of break ups in Hollywood from smoking hot Israeli Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Refaeli ending it with Leonardo DiCaprio to Hayden Panettiere ending it with boxer Wladmir Klitschko. Since this is break up week, I’m going to be spending some time trying to figure out if you're dream girl is Bar Refaeli, do you have a shot of getting her? My panel of friends/experts are going to inform you that if you play your cards right, you can succeed.

I spoke with numerous girls and they all told me a normal guy can get a perfect 10. I know you probably saw the movie “She is out of my League” or “The Girl Next Door”. I can tell you,honestly, that it can happen to you just like it happened to Kirk Kettner who got his Molly McCleish and Matthew Kidman who got his Danielle Clark. Lets really get down to it. If you don’t have a pen and a notepad, I would recommend that you go get one! I’m going to wait for you so take your time!  God, what took you so long? LOL

Instead of playing the male version of Carrie Bradshaw and telling you that a sense of humor is all you need, I asked a few friends with the knowledge. Yes, I spoke to some real life girls to get information on how a guy, most would rate a 5, can get his hands on a 10 like Bar Refaeli or a college girl that plays on the volleyball team. I wrote about women’s volleyball before I started covering entertainment and,trust me, the volleyball team has alot of 10’s! I’m surprised it’s not a more popular sport, just look at players such as Morgan Beck and Jess Gysin.  

Since Bar Refaeli is my crush or maybe it’s just lust, I thought, the first person that should answer the question should be a model. Her answer will make you very happy! “Yes, it IS possible for an “Average Joe” to land a beautiful woman, model, or actress.” He must be dedicated to making that woman happy and he must be absolutely full of wit, charm, or some other force of nature that will draw this beautiful woman in! He should always remember that women fall in love with their ears, not eyes. It’s the little things that count!” said Caitlin O'Connor, who’s a Model. Taryn Southern who’s an Actress/Writer/Producer said “Of course! A great sense of humor and confidence trump 'average' looks anytime”. Playboy model Taylor Corley said “Of course a normal guy can date a model. It's not about dating someone who can compete with your fame, it's about doing what makes you happy and finding someone who can fulfill your wants and needs as a partner!”

So far, I haven’t gotten one answer that said a normal guy couldn’t date a model! Few men do because they don’t have the guts to walk up to a gorgeous women and ask her out. My philosophy is the worst thing she’s going to do is say no. It’s better to have tried and failed then not to have tried at all. Playboy Cyber Girl Megan Medellin confirmed that statement. “I think it’s possible. “The guy has to be confident enough and know he’s just as good. I would think that showing low self-esteem and saying things like, "You're too good for me". "I don't know why you like me." would mess things up. That's such a turn off!” In the end, an average guy can get a really attractive model if he has confidence, humor and a little bit of wit. Carrie Keagan answered it in one simple word “definitely”

A handful of these ladies also said that normal guys are usually sweeter and more sincere than the hots ones. Most attractive guy are arrogant and the chances of him cheating are higher. I’ve now given you a starting point and its up to you if you will take it to the next level or maybe you want to call Dr Hitch! :-)

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