What's Unread of the Undead: 100 Days of Death's Ray Ellingsen

5/13/2013 2:11am EDT | By: Jeremy Meyer

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Like a bite to the flesh, when word to the ear gets out about a new zombie movie or novel, it becomes infectious and fans rush like an undead horde to see what's hot.   Whether or not you're a horror fan, zombie novels are amazing reads for anyone.  Rather than just gore - galore and pointless death, you're sure to have one crazy adventure and nothing shows humans in their true nature than how they react among each other when it comes to surviving a zombie outbreak.  Horror fans get their bloodshed and others get their tale of adventure with serious character development, sometimes even a little romance ("Warm Bodies", which adapted from a novel to big hit at the box office).  Other takes on zombies like "World War Z" (hitting the big screen, starring Brad Pitt), "The Feed" and "Patient Zero" have certainly hit the ground running as well.

Stephen King (author of the zombie thriller "Cell:  A Novel") once wrote his take on why everyone craves horror to some degree for whatever reason, and it shows as demand for anything zombies reaches new heights.  I have friends who aren't really into horror at all, yet they love AMC's Walking Dead (also a hit novel). 

"I think zombies as a whole represent both our greatest fantasies and our worst nightmares." says author Ray Ellingsen.  "On the one hand, the zombie mythology allows us to break away from our mundane, boring existence and fantasize about exorcising our frustrations by killing zombies.  It also brings out the survivalist and adventure in us all."  This is the kind of formula readers can expect from the new novel "100 Days of Death", number one of a three part series from Ellingsen that's sure to be engaging and hard to put down once picked up.  Zombie fanatics are looking for a new spin and Ray Ellingsen's the man for the job.

Ellingsen has been known to have an adventurous personality since his days in the Army, his many travels, to his days as a writer in Hollywood, so this works out having someone who's familiar with survival skills to write a novel that entails surviving a zombie infested west coast and beyond; His fascination with zombies drove him to take his mastery with what could be one of the most compelling stories in recent years.

So, what will be different with "100 Days of Death" that we haven't gotten from other zombie tales?

"While the story definitely has many horrific moments and plenty of action," Ray says, " it is believable and compelling".  To make the story more heart-pumping and emotional, the 100 Days trilogy is told in the first-person of the protagonist as he journeys through a two and  a half years of society, the devolving of mankind, and the evolving of zombies as the dominant species on the planet.  The protagonist will get close to some people and lose some along the way.  Charlie Weber (former CEO of Lucasfilm, Ltd.) has shared his interest with the story, "I think 100 Days of Death is a very exciting new franchise for the 20th century."  Having worked over two-hundred Hollywood films, Mike Minkler weighed in with his thoughts as well, "I know a good story when I see one and let me tell you, 100 Days of Death is a great story." The series is looking good - so good that there are rumors of the novel being turned into a film, a video game, and confirmed is a killer comic adaptation from Tommy Castillo ("Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight", "Green Arrow", "King Kong") is looking good.

If you're looking for taste of something flesh - er - fresh, scope out details at and keep a look out for part one of this survival horror masterpiece when it lands on shelves this July.

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