Deep in the Heart: Shy Girl’s Hollywood Ending

5/19/2013 11:47am EDT | By: Jeremy Meyer

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Native Texan Kelly Greyson admits that stepping on to a movie set for the first time was “a bit surreal.

However, this first step represented a giant leap for Greyson who grew up painfully shy.  She says, “I would have rather fallen through the floor than have anybody look my direction.”

Now, to watch Greyson, it is difficult to still see this bashful girl in the confident young woman who glows on red carpets and has worked on several films in the last couple of years.  Most notably, she appeared in the award-winning indie “Return to the Hiding Place” and stars in “Alone Yet Not Alone” ( opening theatrically this fall. 

While “Alone Yet Not Alone” is an epic family adventure story, Greyson says she is personally drawn to “chick flicks” because they “give you a feeling of longings fulfilled.”  She says they can be inspirational because the stories are about going for your dreams, overcoming obstacles, and forgetting the naysayers.   Having already tackled some pretty diverse roles, Greyson is determined to be the kind of actress who always seeks out challenges – even if it means she is not the “pretty” character. Greyson says her “favorite actresses are those who maintain this amazing level of beauty and grace in their work, but on the flip side, can do extremely gritty roles where they are just very raw.  It takes a lot of courage and confidence.”

It’s good advice for aspiring actresses who want a “real” and lasting career.  Greyson also recommends that as an actor you should make sure you have a broad skill set.  Case in point, she does her own stunts including horseback riding and sword fighting. Not only will this make you more appealing to casting directors, it makes the process more fun. She notes, “It is just another part of the adventure that you get to do yourself, instead of sitting on the sidelines and watching others do it.  I am very grateful to be blessed with talents and abilities that enable me to do so much physically.”

Greyson is at the start of what promises to be a very successful career, but for every success in Hollywood, there a million setbacks and rejections. So what keeps her head up and spirits high?  She says, “Just realizing that your worth and confidence are not defined by what other people think. Being anchored in who I know I am and what is truth is critical for me. I look for people who are beautiful in heart, which is the most important thing. You can recognize them because they are the ones confident enough, comfortable enough with themselves to be able to promote and encourage somebody else--build somebody else up.”


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