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Americans love imports, especially when they are laced with pop music goodness. Where would we be without The Spices Girls, One Direction, and who can deny the Korean sensation that is Psy? America is known for being a"Melting Pot" of cultures and backgrounds accommodating those who desire the "American Dream" no matter where you are from. When it comes to good catchy pop music, we are quick to eat it up. A new import has arrived to give us what we so often crave and it comes in the package of Ukrainian Pop Superstar Mika Newton, the latest singing diva to enter the music scene.

Hailing from Burshtyn, Ukraine, Mika first began to make a name for herself with her appearance on the popular Eurovision Song Contest show. Representing her Ukrainian roots on the show, Newton made the top 5 on the series and quickly became a fan favorite. Additionally, she released two albums and provided theme songs to several Ukrainian and Russian films and television shows garnering her the affectionate title of "Queen of Soundtracks". Eventually her work on Eurovision grabbed the attention of prolific Grammy Award winning producer and pop culture icon Randy Jackson of American Idol fame. After signing a deal with JK Music Group and Jackson's Friendship Collection, Mika moved to Los Angeles to begin work on her US debut and her stab at the "American Dream".

Since moving to Los Angeles, Newton has sequestered herself to the recording studio working on what is sure to be a stellar debut album. Aside from her work with Randy Jackson, who has taken her on as a protege of sorts, she has worked with several prolific people in the industry who have worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne and Jay Z. With the release of her debut US single "Don't Dumb Me Down", Mika found herself on the top 5 of MTV's Buzzworthy videos, ranking in highest rated, most viewed and most shared videos on their website. Quite a first impression and it seems this is only the beginning.

Aside from being a stunning beauty, Mika Newton has the talent and voice to rise to the top of the charts and be the next big thing. With Randy Jackson by her side and her natural born talent, Mika is certain to be a force to be reckoned with. Next on her slate is the release of her new single and video "Come Out and Play" which will be released this summer across the USA followed by an album, fully produced by Randy Jackson himself, set to be released later this year. Consider our hunger for imported pop talent officially fed.

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