The Power of B-12 for Stars and athletes

7/25/2013 2:14pm EDT | By: Jeremy Meyer

Nutritional supplements and celebrities go hand in hand like red carpets and media interview and at the end of the day, it's all about PERFORMANCE...preferably the legal kind specially in todays news media world, with football and baseball players getting in all kind of trouble, because all they want is performance.

 Vitamin B12 has long been associated with sports performance. Many professional athletes use B-12 as an energy boost before workouts, for overall endurance, build muscle, and often promote its use within the team internally. Athletes are always wanting to see results from their workouts and B12 helps their cells improve immediately. Studies have shown that vitamin B12 helps the body with the growth of cells. When white blood cells benefit, so does the body's immune system. With the overall increased production of blood cells, the body's metabolism also rises. This means B12 can essentially act as a fat burner as well. 

When naturally consumed via food, absorbed in patch form,  taken synthetically or raw, or injected as a shot at places such as doctors offices or medi spas, B-12 is a vitamin undoubtedly for athletes serious about their game. Ronda Nofal, owner of Blue Medi Spa in Sherman Oaks, CA ( said "Race Car Driver Mickey Wright has been in here many times when visiting Los Angeles and swears our B-12 injections help her with endurance on the track, ability to stay alert, and calm her pre-race nerves". Athletes such as Cy Young Winner Roger Clemens, Tennis Player Vera Zvonareva, and entertainers Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Julianne Hough are big fans of the B-12 shots.

Vitamin B12 Injections have been used for a long time, especially by many politicians and famous personalities in the entertainment industry. There are several reasons WHY.

• The injection contains 500 times more vitamin B12 than the recommended daily dosage and avoids absorption issues.
• When injected, vitamin B12 is easily absorbed by the body and then utilized in the formation of red blood cells, as well as aiding in the maintenance of a healthy nervous and cardiovascular system.
• B-12 can help: Promote weight loss, Increase energy, Reduce stress, Promote healthy skin, Improve sleep, Increase metabolism, Fight heart disease, Improve memory, and Improve mood.       • B-12 is virtually non-toxic and, for most people, the shots are nearly painless.

Natural Sources of B12Beef Liveryogurtorganic eggsfishclamsblackstrap molassesmilk productssardinesoysterslambtongue (if you have the stomach for it)Nuts-rich in complete b complexpecansbrazilalmondwalnutfilberts

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