8/12/2013 2:44am EDT | By: Jeremy Meyer

Katrina Norman

As VH1’s popular scripted show “Hit the Floor” signs on for another season viewers can expect more from their incredible cast. As excitement for more gears up within their fans it has become clear that through all the drama the true favor falls toward the talented Devil dancers, such as the stunning Katrina Norman.

When watching movies such as “Burlesque” and “Fame” the dancers themselves are the ones who capture the attention of the audience with their envied talent. Norman, who danced in both of those feature films, is making herself well known in the dancing and entertainment industry by dancing alongside some of Hollywood’s most sought out actors. Having danced next to Cher, Christina Aguilera, and now “Hit the Floor” star Valery Ortiz, Norman’s ability to stand out is more apparent than ever. Her sincere passion is never overlooked as she dances amongst the greatest.

Great dancers on hit shows and films have been known to break through and become the stars themselves. Prior to making it on the big screen in movies such as “Safe Haven” Julianne Hough was one of those outstanding background dancers. After proving her impressive dance skills with celebrities such as Cody Linley and athletes like Apolo Anton Ohno, Hough danced her way into leading roles. Katrina Norman and Julianne Hough alike are Hollywood’s latest women on the rise.

To see more talented dancers making incredible moves, look out for Katrina Norman and the rest of the Devil’s team on the next season of “Hit the Floor" or follow Katrina on her Twitter at: @KatrinaLNorman

Photo Credits: PR PHOTO
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