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Valery Ortiz And 'Hit The Floor' Are A Hit On VH1

7/16/2013 7:26am EDT
Hit the Floor
As one of VH1’s only scripted shows ‘Hit the Floor’ has caught the attention of millions of viewers nationwide. The show follows the drama filled lives and relationships of the sassy dancers for Los Angeles’ fictional basketball team, the Devils.

‘Hit the Floor’ star Valery Ortiz has been a fan favorite since the show first aired in May of this year. Ortiz plays the dynamic single mother, Raquel Saldana. Audiences have fallen in love with Raquel’s character as she takes on single motherhood of her 4 year old son and her dancing career whilst dealing with her bullying ex who happens to mana...

Simon Kassianides: Actor & Filmmaker Makes Big Moves

6/13/2013 3:17am EDT
PR Photo
While he wasn’t “Bond, James Bond”.  Simon Kassianides came close enough when he landed the role of Yusef in “Quantum of Solace” opposite Daniel Craig.  The handsome actor says, “There is a part of me that will never grow up and that 'kid' in me was working on a set with James Bond. It was a dream come true.”

By the time Kassianides appeared in “Solace”, he was already widely recognized in his native UK for television roles like “Wuthering Heights” with Tom Hardy and he continued to work steadily after. But when LA called, he answered and it has proven to be a smart move. He’s been tapped...


5/24/2013 8:30am EDT
PR Photo
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree couldn't be more applicable than the talent that is Ivana Shein. Raised in Toronto, Ontario, Ivana has grown to be recognized as one of the funniest comedic talents North of the border... but not as North as Yellowknife, NWT. Daughter of the late Canadian playwright Brian Shein, Ivana made a name for herself with her appearance on Sketch Troop, which is essentially Canada's equivalent to the popular U.S. reality series Last Comic Standing.

After wrapping Sketch Troop as one of the top finalists, she went on to work as in actress in television and fi...

Bret Lockett Gets Schooled In Crossover Acting

1/3/2013 7:32pm EST
Bret Lockett
Bret Lockett, the former New England Patriots safety who just signed a new deal with the New York Jets, has been keeping busy this off-season while recovering from his football injury. In a short time, the pro-athlete helmed the Bret Lockett Foundation, teaching discipline to inner city kids through sports, has tried his hand in music to honor his cousin the late Grammy Hall of Fame inductee Etta James, and as well has become a business partner with Mobli, a multi-million picture and video application. Now, Lockett has turned his sights to wonderfully vulnerable world of acting, and intends...

'Glee' Returns With New Characters Taking the Spotlight

11/4/2012 2:30pm EST
Becca Tobin Glee
It’s almost time for Glee to return to FOX after taking a month long hiatus due to the presidential debate and World Series coverage. Gleeks are rejoicing now that the musical high school drama fans have come accustomed to gossiping about every week will return, coming off a heart-wrenching episode about Rachel and Finn’s break up.

However, break ups come and go and it seems that “Glee” will now be looking more towards the future. New addition Becca Tobin, who plays the beautiful and catty cheerio - ironically named Kitty - will be built up as the tension of the love triangle betwee...

Ricky J Paints L.A. In His Own Colors

8/20/2012 11:18pm EDT
Ricky J
Whether it’s on the radio, in a nightclub or on VH1’s “Bad Girls Club”, gold-selling Canadian recording artist Ricky J’s entrance into Hollywood has been anything but subtle. When Ricky J first busted onto the music scene in Canada with his hit single “No Means No” it was an overnight sensation reaching #2 slot on the Canadian Billboard charts and attracted the wandering eyes of Warner Bros. Records, where he wrote his critically acclaimed record “Lose Control”. Ricky J’s unique take on this genre of music has found him success opening for some of the top acts in world including Eminem, Ush...

HU Column: It Smells Like Roses?

4/18/2011 8:58pm EDT
Hollywood is a great place and the parties that I’ve had the chance to attend are sometimes the biggest events on the calendar every year. I’ve done a lot of parties in my years on the entertainment beat. If it’s movies, television or video games, events they all know how to throw some of the biggest parties.

I will always say that as long as the event has food and liquor, reporters will sign up to cover the party or the event without a problem! To tell you the truth I’ve done the same and sometimes that’s almost the only reason it’s worth attending some events. Especially...

Hollywood Unwrapped: Reality Rocks Expo

4/15/2011 9:13am EDT
Last weekend, the world of reality television came together to celebrate everything that is reality television. I must say that we just lost a few more brain cells because of the launch of Reality Rocks Expo. It just shows us that enough people like reality television enough that they would agree to pay $35 dollars to go see their favorite reality performer. I refuse to call them stars because in full reality, they have not done anything to get the star treatment that they are.

It’s not like sleeping with as many women or men in a big house rigged with lots of cameras is going to m...

Hollywood Unwrapped: Must Not See TV

4/15/2011 8:43am EDT
I have a question to ask all of the readers of this column. Do we really have Hollywood stars or real actors that we had in the past? Gone are the days when studios had an iron claw on the stars and being a celebrity actually meant something.

Yes, today we still have a handful of Academy Award winning movie stars such as Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Tom Hanks, and Clint Eastwood. We don’t have stars like Steve McQueen, James Dean or an Audrey Hepburn. But that's on the big screen.

Today, television is packed with reality shows that makes us lose brain cells and it seems like we be...

Hollywood Unwrapped Column: Lets Get Ready To Dance

4/8/2011 3:30pm EDT
Don’t laugh or call me a girl (HA) but, if you’re anything like me, you might enjoy watching movies with lots of dancing! While watching some of these dance movies such as Hitch or Step Up or any one of the Bring It On movies, you may have wondered who dancer number 1 was. That really cute dancer is Sarah Mitchell from Burlesque.

I was invited to attend the first annual Dance Track Magazine Artist Awards. I had never heard of such a thing or did I know anything about dancers or dancing for that matter, but I will explain that later. I have to admit that attending an event with all of these...

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