Shining & Falling Stars: Katy Perry And Pauly D

October 26th, 2013 10:00am EDT

Katy Perry Shining Stars - Katy Perry

Katy Perry is back and in a great new way! October 22, just 3 days short of her 29th birthday, she released her third album "Prism" that hit number one on the iTunes list almost immediately with songs like "Roar" hitting No. 1 on various music charts. "Prism" is also set to reach No.1 on the Billboard 200 chart. She is also nominated for "Artist of the Year" by YouTube for their first music awards show.
Her album is expected to sell about 275,000 copies, becoming the best sales week in her career. In comparison, Miley Cyrus’ album hit 270,000 sales in its first week. Perry has already hit a record that she can only share with Michael Jackson of having the most No. 1 songs from the same album, "Teenage Dream," which made music history.
She struck it big with songs like "California Gurls," "Last Friday Night," "Firework," "Teenage Dream," and "E.T." Perry worked with song writer Bonnie McKee on a majority of the songs, which does not change with "Prism" aside from McKee breaking into the singing world with "American Girl." All that Perry can do now is to try to surpass that success with this album.

Falling Stars - Pauly D from JerseyShore
Move over Snooki, there is a new "Jersey Shore" baby in the house! Many may be shocked that this didn’t happen sooner while "JerseyShore" was still on the air.
Pauly D had a one-night stand with a girl named Amanda (a former Hooters waitress) in Las Vegas after spinning at the club, Rehab, back in August 2012. His daughter, Amabella, was born in May, but he didn’t confirm the news until October 22 via Twitter.
He has yet to meet his new bundle of joy while in a premature custodial battle with the baby mama. Classy.

Pauly D is no Snooki, whose pregnancy took the world by storm when the queen party girl announced her pregnancy March 2012.
GTL now has a whole new meaning.

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