Top 10 Dysfunctional Onscreen Families That Are Worse Than Yours

April 27th, 2013 9:07am EDT

The Big Wedding "The Big Wedding" will soon hit theaters with an all-star cast that includes Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, Katherine Heigl and Topher Grace. The movie centers around a divorced couple who have to present a united front at their adopted son's wedding and pretend that they are still married. Talk about dysfunctional! What other crazy families made the list of the top 10 dysfunctional onscreen families?

"The Simpsons"
With a beer-guzzling buffoon for a father, a nagging mother, a rebellious troublemaker son. a precocious daughter and a baby who still hasn't learned to talk after twenty five years of being on the air, "The Simpsons" are the original dysfunctional TV family. Debuting on "The Tracey Ullman Show" in 1987, creator Matt Groening actually named the characters after his own family members.

"Harold and Maude"
This 1971 cult classic is a darkly comedic movie about a young man named Harold who is obsessed with death. He regularly fakes his own suicide to annoy his mother, goes to strangers' funerals and drives a hearse. Harold finds love with an eighty year old fellow funeral-goer named Maude, but Harold's socialite mom doesn't approve, and sets him up on a series of bizarre blind dates to distract him.

"Malcolm in the Middle"
Frankie Muniz broke onto the Hollywood scene in 2000 playing a child genius named Malcolm who was constantly humiliated by his wacky family. Hairy-backed dad Hal was often on his own planet while control-freak mom Lois thought up increasingly inventive punishments to keep her kids in line. Eldest son Francis was away at military school terrorizing the commandant of Marlin Academy, the not-so-bright older brother Reese was a bully and youngest child Dewey was the victim of his brothers' torture methods. Is it any wonder Malcolm was stressed?

"Wedding Crashers"
Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are two buddies who crash weddings to meet and seduce women in this hilarious 2005 film. The pair meet their match when they fall in love (or lust) with two members of the Clearly family and spend a weekend at the Clearly manse. The family is presided over by a dirty-mouthed grandma, Senator father, adulterous and alcoholic mother, and gay black sheep son. Daughter Claire Clearly (Rachel McAdams) is a sweet environmental activist, but the real scene stealer is her nymphomaniac sister Gloria, played by a fantastic Isla Fisher.

"Family Guy"
This animated series is so dysfunctional that it gives "The Simpsons" a run for its money. The Griffin family consists of bumbling dad Peter, piano teacher mom Lois, poor awkward Meg (who is often ignored if not downright mocked by her family), Chris (terrified by the Evil Monkey in his closet), baby Stewie with his diabolic plans to take over the world and dog Brian, who can not only talk but also enjoys a good martini. After being canceled in 2001, DVD sales rose so high that "Family Guy" came back after a two-year break.

"Harry Potter" Series
Before he knew that he was a wizard, Harry Potter led a miserable life with his uncle, aunt and cruel cousin. Because of their strong disapproval and fear of magic, the Dursleys kept Harry in a cupboard under the stairs. Red-faced, angry Uncle Vernon, prissy Aunt Petunia and bully Dudley were so awful that Harry was thrilled to discover his magical powers and attend Hogwarts.

"The Addams Family"
This 1960's TV show was so popular that it was remade into three families in the 1990's. The deliciously macabre family is made up of a sword-fighting father, death-obsessed mother who is possibly a vampire, electric-chair loving sister, dimwitted sidekick brother, devilish uncle, witch grandmama and a disembodied hand named Thing. And don't forget Cousin It, a short creature consisting entirely of hair.

"Meet the Parents"
Greg Focker just couldn't win when he went to meet his girlfriend Pam's parents for the first time. Her overprotective father Jack (Robert De Niro) immediately hates him and puts him under surveillance. After a series of mishaps that include giving Pam's sister a black eye and losing the family cat, Mr. Jinx, Jack is finally able to accept that Greg and Pam really are in love and give them his blessing to get married.

"Married...with Children"
Premiering in 1987 and lasting for 11-seasons, "Married...with Children" is the longest-lasting live action sitcom that the Fox network has ever had. The family includes pne-time football star turned shoe salesman Al Bundy is miserable with his lot in life, wife Peggy doesn't want to do anything but sit around eating bon-bons and watching Oprah, promiscuous daughter and aspiring actress Kelly is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and horn-dog Bud fails with women no matter what he does. But despite all of their bad luck, the Bundys stick together and really do love each other.

"Modern Family"
This mockumentary TV show has been a huge hit since it debuted in 2009. The shows revolves around three interrelated families. Sarcastic patriarch Jay loves sports, model airplanes and his much-younger wife Gloria. Sexy Colombian Gloria is a passionate woman who loves spicy food and her son Manny. Jay's daughter Claire is married to Phil, who thinks he's a "cool dad" and tries to be hip to ditzy daughter Haley, nerdy Alex, and only son Luke. Claire's brother Mitchell and his flamboyant partner Cameron have an adopted Vietnamese daughter named Lily.

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