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The 'Queen' of Celebrity Interviews. Jeza Belle is a comedienne, actress, personality, writer, and producer extraordinaire! You can find Jeza writing pearls of draggy wisdom, performing comedy, or just plain acting the fool for camera. Check out the latest at or find her on Twitter @jeza_belle

Giving Hotel Owners What They Need To Succeed Anthony Melchiorri Style

10/7/2014 5:20am EDT
Anthony Melchiorri
We caught up with Travel Channel’s Anthony Melchiorri, star of the hit show “Hotel Impossible.” While chatting, Anthony shared the key to a hotel’s success, where he gets his tough love mentality, and what’s the grossest thing he discovered in a hotel room this season.

Tell our readers what you have been up to?

We’ve been shooting season five of the show and we have been to Woodstock, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, and Canada so far. You would think after the show being on for this long and my working with 50 hotels that the owners would be prepared for me or fake that they have it together,...

A Little Bit Comedy And A Little Bit Rock And Roll

8/26/2014 5:35am EDT
Amber Ferrari’s Jeza Belle sat down with rock songstress Amber Ferrari, voted one of Long Island’s best singers, and New York City nightlife Glammy Award nominee; comedian Ike Avelli, whose friendship has led to collaborative partnerships in various productions. While together the duo dished on the correlation between comedy and song, the importance of giving back, and future plans.

Tell our readers what the two of you have been up to?

Amber- First, I’m currently working on a show called “Joplin’s Pearl” that plays at the Patchogue Playhouse on Long Island, in which I spend the first hal...

Getting Go, The Go Doc Project Comes To DVD

8/14/2014 6:00am EDT
Getting Go, The Go Doc Project Comes To DVD
We caught up with writer and director Cory Krueckeberg from the film Getting Go, the GO Doc Project that just became available on DVD. While chatting, Cory shared what inspired the film, the references to Warhol, and those special moments between go-go dancer Matt Camp and co-star Tanner Cohen.

What inspired the film?

The inspiration to do an off-the-radar no-budget film started with the fact that my partner and I had a number of other projects in various stages of development, but we wanted to do something that we could raise a little bit of money for and jump right into. Our idea was ...

Send In The Clown-Lady Bunny's Got The Syndrome

5/27/2014 7:00am EDT
Lady Bunny columnist Jeza Belle caught up with Lady Bunny, the demented and enormously popular drag diva of Wigstock and "RuPaul's Drag U," where Bunny opened up about her latest cabaret show, her thoughts on policing words, and what makes a drag queen successful.

Tell our readers about your show, Clowns Syndrome, now playing in New York City?

It's every Tuesday night, through July, at La Escuelita in Times Square, NYC on 39th between 7th and 8th avenues. Most people think of La Escuelita as a 2am club for young butt-pirates of the Caribbean dancing to Reggaeton...and it is! They ...

Get Tested, Get Photographed, Fight The Stigma: The HIV Equal Campaign

5/20/2014 7:00am EDT
Get Tested, Get Photographed, Fight The Stigma: The HIV Equal Ca columnist Jeza Belle sat down with celebrity photographer Thomas Evans to find out about HIV Equal, the HIV awareness campaign Thomas is helping to spearhead.

Tell our readers about the campaign and what it entails?

HIV Equal is a multi-media campaign that is centered on the importance of HIV testing and awareness. Everyone has a status and HIV Equal is all about knowing your status. Our campaign hosts events all over the United States, and we have even been to Zimbabwe in Africa, where we offer people a free 100 percent confidential HIV test. As part of the initiative I ...

Dina Delicious: “We All Need A Little Education"

3/19/2014 5:00am EDT
Dina Delicious: “We All Need A Little Education"
Starpulse columnist Jeza Belle caught up with the gorgeous and talented, Dina Delicious. While together, Dina opened up about her new music, the Wendy Williams Show transgender-shaming episode, and what’s most important to her as an artist.

Describe your music style for our readers:

My style is definitely dance / pop, but the root is definitely pop music.

Do you write your own music?

I write all of my music except, of course, “Two of Hearts”. Generally, I collaborate with others, but it all starts with an idea that I have and I usually write the hook, name it and collaborate to polish i...

The Psychic Twins: Nostradamus In Stilettos

1/15/2014 6:00am EST
Psychic Twins’s Jeza Belle caught up with Terry and Linda Jamison, also known as The Psychic Twins, for their well renowned predictions of world events. While talking, the twins shared how they discovered their psychic abilities, their past in the New York City underground performance scene and what they share in common with Lady Gaga.

Tell our readers when the two of you discovered that you had psychic abilities? Was this something you found out together or separately?

We knew we had a gift since the time we were young. In fact, we were at a school fair when we were about five years old ...

'Nature Will Always Win': National Geographic Channel's Alaskan Sue Aikens

11/22/2013 2:30pm EST
Sue Aikens’s Jeza Belle caught up with Sue Aikens, star of the National Geographic Channel’s show “Life Below Zero” which follows the lives of individuals living on the Alaskan Frontier.  While chatting, Sue shared her scary moments after being attack by a bear in the wilds, what it’s like being a woman in a man’s world, and how she got her salt of the earth personality.

What led you to Alaska and ultimately to the Kavik River Camp?

I was born in Chicago.  When I was quite young, the late 60’s / early 70’s, my mom decided to leave my father. One night, she threw a paper bag at us and s...

Project Runway Finalist Justin LeBlanc Aspires To Inspire

11/4/2013 5:00am EST
Justin LeBlanc by Barbara Nitke
“Project Runway” Season 12 finalist Justin LeBlanc recently sat down with’s Jeza Belle to share his thoughts on receiving the first ever Tim Gunn Save, his next steps in the fashion world, and what host Heidi Klum really looks like in person!

What was it like being on Season 12 of Project Runway?

It was an amazing experience for me and I never thought something like this would happen other than in my dreams!

Tim Gunn used his first ever “Tim Gunn Save” on you; how did that make you feel?

I respect Tim very much and he had only one “Tim Gunn Save”!  I was in complete shock ...

Tionna Smalls: Leading The Bossy Life

10/5/2013 12:20pm EDT
Tionna Smalls’s Jeza Belle caught up with Tionna Smalls, the relationship guru of the MTV show “Girl, Get Your Mind Right”. Tionna shared why “Men Love Abuse”, her outlook on thinking with the heart, and news on her new magazine launch.

Tell our readers what you have been up to:

Currently I've been on the news quite a bit promoting the audio version of my book "Men Love Abuse", which is about women treating men the way they treat us in order to get the results WE want! Only now, you can hear yours truly narrating. In addition I'm out on a "Ladies Tour", where I've been out meeting up with...

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