Vanessa Hudgens Says Nude Photo Scandal Was The 'Worst Moment' Of Her Career

February 21st, 2013 6:00pm EST

Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Hudgens is set to prove that she's all grown up now with her new film, Spring Breakers, about a bunch of college girls who rob a diner to fund their spring break trip.
Things quickly go downhill from there; and it's much darker and more violent than the typical family-friendly films for which the actress is best known. Even co-star and fellow Disney kid Selena Gomez has asked her younger fans not to see it.

Vanessa recently did a new photoshoot and interview for Paper magazine; discussing her extensive Disney background, those 2007 photos that hit the internet (you know which ones), and Spring Breakers co-star James Franco -- who's still actually still a stranger to her despite being one of the film's main characters.
"I still don't know him," she says of her co-star. "I have no idea who James Franco is. I know who [Franco's character] Alien is. He's that into method acting. He comes on set as his character. In between scenes, he is still his character.
"When I first saw him, I was speechless because he just completely transformed himself. The way he talked, with that accent... Everything he does is so organic."

Before she even starred in High School Musical and its two sequels, Vanessa was already very Disney savvy, having spent many an afternoon in Disneyland after being home-schooled in her hometown of Anaheim, Calif.

"In 10,000 hours, they say you can master anything," she says. "10,000 hours in Disneyland and you're the queen of Disney."

Vanessa is ready for more adult themed material now though, as opposed to in 2007 when nude photos meant for then boyfriend Zac Efron surfaced on the internet.

"That was just a really sh**ty situation that sucked," she says. "That was by far the worst moment of my career."

But now, like Gomez, she's ready for those racier adult roles. In addition to prancing around in a bikini and participating in a threesome for Spring Breakers, she's got two more films on the horizon that are geared toward mature audiences (both of them are based on true stories).

Vanessa plays a stripper who escapes an Alaskan serial killer in Frozen Ground; and a homeless teen searching for her father in Gimme Shelter.

Fans can expect lots of great moments from Vanessa's career in the near future though, starting with Spring Breakers, which opens on March 22.
Check out Vanessa's full interview and photo shoot in the new issue of Paper Magazine and at

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