Top 5 Things You Need to Know Going Into Season 9 Of 'How I Met Your Mother'

September 22nd, 2013 3:00pm EDT

How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother is returning this Monday for its ninth and final season. I'm pretty sure it's for real this time. You may remember that season eight was reportedly going to be the final season, but since ratings were at all time highs, CBS went into negotiations with show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas to do another season. All of the actors' contracts were up at the end of season 8, and it appeared that Jason Segel, who said he wanted to focus on his movie career, was the biggest roadblock. As soon as Segel signed on, everything else fell into place. Whether you've missed a bunch of episodes or you just need a refresher, these are the top five things you need to know going into season 9.

5. Barney and Robin are getting married
Season 9 is the story of the weekend of Barney and Robin’s wedding. Season 8 left off at 10am on Friday morning, with the wedding scheduled for 6pm on Sunday out in the Hamptons. The entire season will comprise of the events of next three days (and probably a few flashbacks), which of course culminates in Ted meeting the mother. How will they fill up an entire season with one weekend? It may seem a bit strange, but everything has been leading up to this moment for show creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. I have no doubt they have been saving us the best for last.

4. Ted is still hung up on Robin
In the season 8 finale, Ted confesses to Lily that he can’t be around Robin any longer. In many ways, the last couple seasons were the story of Ted trying to get over Robin. Every time he thinks he’s finally moved on, something brings him back. When he jumped at the chance to help Robin find her old locket, he realized that there was still something there, and that is a terrible way to feel about your best friend’s fiancé. Ted tells Lily that he is taking a job in Chicago, and that he will take the train back to the city Sunday night to leave as quickly as possible. He asks Lily not to tell anyone else about it.

3. All rise for the Honorable Judge Marshall Eriksen
Late in season 8, Lily started a new job as the Captain’s art consultant. She was loving the job, but when the Captain told her that to continue at the position she would have to come with him to Rome for a year, she became very conflicted. How could she uproot her family and take Marshall away from his dream job as an environmental lawyer? Well, as it turned out, Marshall’s firm was actually not doing very well, and Marshall jumped on board for the idea to spend a year in Italy. The two of them packed up their stuff and planned to make the move after the wedding. However, Marshall was not counting on another life changing opportunity knocking on his door. A man called Marshall to inform him that a judgeship had opened up, and that they would like to offer him the seat. Marshall decides that it is something he cannot pass up on, and accepts the offer. He still hasn’t told Lily.

2. Cold feet?
In flash forward scenes, we have seen that both Barney and Robin are having second thoughts. Barney is seen trying to jump out the window, proclaiming that he has a better tie that is cornflower blue. In another flash forward, Ted is informed that the bride would like to see him. This was the first moment that we found of that it was in fact Robin, not Quinn, that Barney would be marrying. Robin declares that she cannot go through with this wedding. What events will lead to Barney and Robin finally deciding to take the plunge?

1. We met the mother!
We met the mother, but Ted still has not. In the final scene of season 8, we see the girl with the yellow umbrella purchase a train ticket to Farhampton. She is played by Cristin Milioti, a relatively obscure actress who has had bit parts on shows like 30 Rock and Nurse Jackie. It was long believed that we may not even see the mother until the final moment of the series, but now it is evident that we will get to know her long before Ted does. She is the bass player in the band at Barney and Robin’s wedding, and she will have run-ins with the other members of the gang before Ted fatefully meets her on the train platform after the wedding. This will reportedly begin with Lily meeting her on a train ride in the season 9 premiere, which airs this Monday the 23rd at 8/7c on CBS. We will begin the story of what makes this girl Ted’s lebenslangerschicksalsschatz: his lifelong treasure of destiny. The girl that finally is everything that he wants and lets him truly let go of the others. She will be so amazing that he will instantly abandon his plans to move to Chicago. She will be the one that he has been searching for his whole life; the mother of his children.
The legend continues Monday Sept 23rd at 8/7c on CBS.

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