5 'Supernatural' Season 8 Spoilers You Need To Know

August 4th, 2012 1:00pm EDT

ackles and padalecki There are roughly six weeks before the 2012-13 television season begins, and while the wait seems as gut-wrenching as most of last season’s finales, it’s reassuring to know that production on most television shows has already begun. Showrunners and stars are doling out tantalizing tidbits about the new seasons to entice TV addicts such as myself. “Supernatural’s” eighth season, which premieres on Oct. 3, could be the best one in years. Here are five huge spoilers about the upcoming season:

Dean Winchester had an extended stay in purgatory. If you’ve ever had a horrible vacation, don’t mention it to Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles). The ruggedly handsome hunter travels to climates slightly hotter than Miami or Las Vegas, namely hell and now purgatory. reports that Dean was struck in the nether-realm infested with the very monsters he’s dedicated his life to killing for at least a year. When Sam had an extended stay in hell, he left without his soul, so don’t bet on Dean returning with a killer tan.

While Dean was away, Sammy got laid. As the last surviving member of what was sarcastically dubbed, “Team Free Will,” Sam (Jared Padalecki) stopped hunting and eventually finds love with a "tragedy-damaged" woman named Amelia who will be played by Liane Balaban, according to It's a running joke that Sam is cursed in love as most of his girlfriends, starting with the beautiful and sainted Jessica Moore, die gruesomely. Let’s hope she stands a better chance than his past loves. If not, it was worth the risk.

Castiel will be back. Fans stunned by when the odd angel with captivating blue eyes seemingly abandoned Dean in purgatory can relax. Castiel will be in at least eight episodes of “Supernatural’s” 23-episode season as per Is he returning as a friend, foe or the whack-a-doo heavenly being we saw near the end of season 7? Stay tuned.

Dean is indebted to a monster. An angel may have raised Dean from perdition, but season 8 will see our favorite hero rescued by a monster according to “Battlestar Galatica’s” Ty Olsson will play Benny, a “dangerous” vampire that aids with Dean’s escape from purgatory and will stick around for a chunk of the season. I imagine Dean won't be able to pay Benny back with a couple of purloined pints of AB-. Does that mean sainted Dean Winchester will be flirting with the dark side? Man, I hope so.

Season 8 will feature flashbacks. reports that the upcoming season of the road-tripping paranormal show will join Sam and Dean after they have reunited and will depict pivotal moments in of their considerable separation in flashbacks. This shrewd decision will not only please fans who need Sam and Dean as a dysfunctional duo, but also could also be an incredibly effective story-telling device. Over seven seasons, “Supernatural’s” flashbacks have been the most sobering, heartrending and tear-jerking moments of the series.

Are you as excited about season 8 as I am? What do you think of the spoilers? Hit up the comments section below!

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