'Hawaii Five-0' Season 3: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

August 27th, 2012 11:00am EDT

cast of hawaii five-0 When you’re watching an episode of “Hawaii Five-0,” you’re guaranteed three things: gratuitous shots of Hawaii’s shots of obscenely beautiful landscapes and shorelines, violent murders and adrenaline-packed action scenes. The cop show’s admittedly rocky second season ended with the team briefly united before Steve traveled to Japan to finally meet the infamous “Shelburne,” and peril striking back Chin Ho and Kono back in Hawaii. The third season starts on Sept. 24, so grab your coconut cocktails and prepare for the five spoilers you need to know...

Like mother, like son. Series star Alex O’Loughlin has an uncanny ability to morph from full-on ass-kicking ninja to a broken little boy with just a shift of those dazzling facial features. The image of a vulnerable and betrayed McGarrett gaping in utter disbelief at his off-screen and presumed dead mother was a powerful one that has dogged me for most of the summer. Entertainment Weekly reports that Emmy-winner Christine Lahti has been cast as the elusive Doris McGarrett and will recur throughout the season. Her "death" was the impetus for Steve’s dangerous and isolated life as a Navy SEAL, so it’s only fair that the entire team will be extremely guarded and skeptical of this mysterious and secretive mother. reports that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” so it’s only a matter of time before Mama McGarrett is dodging bullets and tossing perps into shark tanks? Mother, may I!

A death in the “Five-0” family. reports that there will be a death in the season premiere, and exclusive pictures from episode 2 show the majority of the team attending a paddle out, a Hawaiian ritual to honor the dead. Who will die? Chin Ho’s wife, Malia, who was seriously injured in the finale, is a good and obvious guess. My pick, however, is Steve’s training officer, Joe White, not only has the character run its course, but the White’s doppelganger, Terry O'Quinn, will be too busy wreaking havoc on the Upper East Side in ABC’s spooky new show, “666 Park Avenue” to continue to save lives and impart wisdom to McGarrett and Co. You also can't rule out the useless dirty cop played by William Baldwin.

Kono survives. In the season finale, Chin Ho wisely made the gut-wrenching decision to save if his wife, who’d been shot, instead of Kono who’d been tied up and dumped in the ocean. If Batman made the same decision in “The Dark Knight,” why shouldn’t Chin Ho? If you were worried about Kono’s fate all summer, you’ll be thrilled and relieved to know that the cop and retired professional surfer does in fact survive her treacherous dip in the ocean, according to I do wonder if Chin managed to deploy another member of Five-0 to give his cousin a fighting chance. If he didn’t that will be one awkward family reunion.

There will be blood. reports that the perfectly coifed Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan) will square off with “Mission Impossible’s” Ving Rhames. The actor will appear in flashbacks to Danny’s days a beat cop in New Jersey. It's unclear if or how Rhames and Danno will clash in the present, but the network ominously promises that it will be “bloody.” Let’s hope Danny has picked up some of McGarrett’s wicked moves and penchant for carrying grenades.

Trouble in paradise. McGarrett and Williams’ bickering bromance is my one of my favorite television relationships, second only to the bond between the actual brothers Winchester on The CW’s “Supernatural.” reports that their epic man-love will be strained when McGarrett and Steve are boat-jacked during a fishing trip. It means that Danno will definitely have to swim, Steve will be shirtless, and the snark and bullets will be flying. Is it Sept. 24 yet?!

Are you excited about "Hawaii Five-0's" season 3? What cliffhanger are you most looking forward to seeing resolved? Hit up the comments section below!

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