'How I Met Your Mother' Season 8: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

September 4th, 2012 1:00pm EDT

Cast of How I Met Your Mother “How I Met Your Mother” is hands-down one of my favorite shows. I own all of the seasons on DVD, and still have about 35 episodes saved on DVR. So it pains me to say that season 7’s finale was a little underwhelming as we saw Barney prepare to marry Robin instead of the fabulous Quinn (played by the even more fabulous Becki Newton) and Ted (Josh Radnor) motor off into the sunset with The One Who Got Away, Victoria, on her wedding day. Nevertheless, Marshall and Lily finally brought little Marvin into the world, and the show seemed to be inching closer to revealing the elusive mother. The new season begins on Sept. 24, so here are five spoilers you need to know…

Season 10?! There have been rumors that season 8 could be the end of this hilarious sitcom, and with contract negotiations currently underway, the writers are preparing for all outcomes. It’s understandable as Jason Segel (“The Five-Year Engagement”) and Cobie Smulders (“The Avengers”) have nurtured movie careers that are poised to take off. The brilliant Neil Patrick Harris has earned Emmys as both a guest star on “Glee” and a host of The Tony Awards. Alyson Hannigan has expanded her family with the birth of her second child, Keeva, last May.

According to a interview, creator Craig Thomas is confident about season 9 and possibly even a season 10. “A lot of my favorite all-time shows went 10 seasons. We tell a different kind of story than say, like, Cheers. Do I think we can keep the show strong for 10 seasons? I think we could, but I have no idea if we could possibly go that far,” Thomas said.

It’s a ‘crazy’ family affair. Chris Elliott has played Lily’s hapless and meddling father for many seasons, and now his real-life daughter, “SNL” alum Abby is following in her daddio’s footsteps. reports that she will play the “craziest” girl in the HIMYM-verse thus far, and someone in the group will find her escalating insanity irresistibly hot. Does anyone think isn’t Barney? Nope, didn’t think so.

MacLaren’s is about to get Blood-y sexy. “Fairly Legal’s” Michael Trucco and “True Blood’s” Joe Manganiello are both reprising their roles as Robin’s crush and Marshall’s law school buddy respectively, reports. Trucco’s unnamed character will return to strike up a romance with Robin (Colbie Smulders). The premise surrounding Manganiello’s two-episode arc is unclear. I don’t really care what the “Magic Mike” star will be up to as long he’s shirtless.

The season premiere will end not with a bang, but a “gasp.” reports that the season premiere would contain a huge moment that will leave viewers gasping at their televisions. The details on this moment are heavily guarded, but it apparently happens in the flash-forward to Barney and Robin’s wedding and will give viewers more Mother-centric information than ever before. As long as it doesn’t involve a goat or a yellow umbrella, I’m game!

Ted and Victoria won’t live happily ever after. We actually know enough about the mother to deduce that it isn't (SPOILER ALERT!) the uber-wholesome baker-turned-runaway bride, Victoria. Nevertheless, she and Ted motored off into the sunset, leaving her would-be husband at the altar. According to, this relationship and its inevitable end is exactly the closure Ted needs to finally open himself up to meet his future life partner, which will happen this season. After eight years of build-up, the mother better be legen—wait-for-it—dary!

Who do you think Barney should marry? What kind of parents do you think Marshall and Lily will be? Who do you want to play the mysterious mother? Hit up the comments section below!

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