Five Ways 'Hawaii Five-0' Got Awesome Again

February 4th, 2013 2:30pm EST

hawaii five-0 It's not uncommon for television shows, especially one's that are incredibly popular in their first season, to experience a bit of a sophomore slump. CBS's bikinis and bombshells remake of "Hawaii Five-0" experienced creative backslide in its second season after a blockbuster debut. Thankfully, it wasn't a "Heroes"-esque decline and there have been major strides this season to regain the high-octane crime drama it once was. Here are the five ways "Hawaii Five-0" got awesome again, and reattained his guilty-pleasure status.

It's not business, it's personal. Like the classic action-movie phrase, this season H50 has delved into more engaging episodes that focused on the characters we actually care about instead of random victims. With episodes like the stellar "I Wa Ka Mamua" which delved into a dark day for Detective Danny Williams (Scott Caan) as a New Jersey detective and his life as a father and "Olelo Ho'Opa'I Make," which depicted Chin Ho being abducted and dumped into a prison, the show has been able to utilize the talents of the cast while increasing the stakes for the audience to heart-palpitating levels.

Badassness Engaged. "Hawaii Five-0" set the bar to cinematic heights with its excellent and action-packed pilot. This season the show is attempting to maintain that level of badassery with helicopters rescues, epic fight scenes and firefights. My favorite action scene of Season 3 (Thus Far): Five-0's own Danny and Steve saving an abducted congressman from Wo Fat's clutches with a helicopter and an assault rifle. Watch below!

Keep it simple, stupid. Last season, the show's mythology about the ever deepening conspiracy surrounding the murder of Steve McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) parents got so convoluted that it was impossible to track fully understand it without some a very complicated diagram. This season, with McGarrett's mother back from the dead, the show has stripped down the arc to the bare essentials, giving fans more headspace to contemplate more important things like if Mama McG is in cohoots with Wo Fat or if Alex O'Loughlin looks better in blue t-shirts or classic cammo.

The Fab Four. In reality, a four-person taskforce would be as useful as a golf cart in a drag race. In the paradise-set 'verse where constitutional rights don't exist, it's a lethal and classic number. The second season saw Lauren German ("Chicago Fire") was added as the fifth member of Five-0, who was supposed to keep the team's unorthodox interrogation methods and report back to the new Governor of Hawaii. Unfortunately, German's Lori Wesson did little more than stoically flit through scenes while spouting out increasingly more improbable facts about her backstory (she was a runaway bride; her ex-boyfriend was a Muai Tuy fighter; she was a shotput champion) to prove that she was tough enough for McGarrett's love. Lori left in the middle of the second season, and the team has been running like a well-oiled machine. Clearly, five's a crowd.

Respect your elders. Being the a remake of the classic '70s show, it has to respect the iconic mythology. There have been beautiful touches to the original "Hawaii Five-0" from slammin' remake of the theme song to the use of characters and guest stars from the original show, like Ed Asner's return as the ruthless jewer their August March. On Feb. 4, "Hawaii Five-0" is paying its ultimate respects by recreating "Hookman," a favorite episode from the Jack Lord era.
"Hawaii Five-0" airs on Mondays at 10PM EST on CBS.
Check out the preview below:

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