5 Season Finale Spoilers You Need To Know On 'Hawaii Five-0,' 'Supernatural' And More

April 28th, 2013 3:08pm EDT

Hawaii Five-0 Unfortunately, all tv-aholics April showers bring May cliffhangers. All of your favorite TV shows are gearing up for their season-ending swag song, and this one looks like it will be a mishmash of deaths, pregnancies, proposals and gasp-worthy shockers. Here are five season ending spoilers you need to know on “Hawaii Five-0,” “Supernatural,” and more...

Law enforcement's most badass task force will have their hands full in the May 20 season finale of “Hawaii Five-0.” Not only will the team have to thwart a terrorist attack, but Kono will also be framed for a murder she didn’t commit, reports. Grenade-happy Steve McGarrett won’t be the only one dropping bombs. His nemesis Wo Fat will shed some light on McG’s shady mother, Doris, who essentially let him escape in the season premiere. If that wasn’t enough, executive producer Peter Lenkov hints that one character may bid paradise and possibly this mortal plane adieu. “The English translation of our finale title is 'Farewell and take care,' "You can take want you want from that," Lenkov said.

The two-hour finale of CBS’ sleuthing saga will feature Sherlock’s nemesis, Moriarty, who comes to the Big Apple not to take in a Broadway show, but reep murderous havoc, reports. Executive Producer Rob Doherty hints that it will be Joan and Moriarty who will spend the most time together, because he is “fascinated” by her. If that doesn't coax out the more of Sherlock's calculated, awesome wrath we saw in this season's stellar "M," nothing will.

NEW GIRL spills the juicy deets on that May 14 finale will be centered on Cece and the adorable Shivrang’s nuptuals, which Schmidt and Winston eagerly try to destroy. That might explain why the princess of tweenage angst, Taylor Swift, will guest-star. Creator Liz Meriwether pops the shippers romance bubble by mysteriously saying that even though Jess and Nick will resolve their relationship status, “their deeper problems they have are still on the table.”

Before the May 16 finale, Sheldon and Amy will openly discuss the possibility of future coitus, while Raj continues to woo socially-anxious Lucy. In the season ender, Leonard receives an “awesome” job offer overseas that may be too good to ignore, despite his relationship with Penny. Earlier this season, Leonard proposed to never propose marriage to Penny again, so you can start taking bets to see if our favorite Cheesecake Factory waitress/actress will get down on bended knee.

The eighth season of “Supernatural” has reached greatness, thanks to the vision of new showrunner Jeremy Carver. What's better? The final episodes have the potential to be EPIC. Installments leading up to the finale explore the worsening toll the trials are taking on Sam, reports. Some of the last tests will involve returning characters such as season 1’s Sarah Blake, aka the one that got away from the love-cursed Sam. also reports that the May 15 finale will find the boys in more peril then they’ve ever faced. Carver teases that “things are starting to spiral out of control. They're going to have to figure out, more than ever, how far they're willing to go to get this revenge." Let’s hope this finale doesn’t have fans missing the good ole days of the apocalypse.

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