5 Season Finale Spoilers You Need To Know: 'Scandal,' 'Castle' And More

May 6th, 2013 3:02pm EDT

Scandal With roughly two weeks left before the final curtain of the 2012-2013 television season, avid television fans are bound to be curious about the finales of their favorite shows. I, your faithful TV addict, is here to guide through the minefield of deaths, break-ups, and the cliffhangers that will haunt you all summer. Here are five spoilers you need to know on “Scandal,” “Castle” and more…

Shonda Rhimes’ twisty, crazy, sexy sudser has turned in two fantastic seasons packed with “WTF?” twists, and the May 16 finale will reportedly out scandal “Scandal.” Not only will Albatross’ identity be revealed—is it that much of a secret anymore?—the company he keeps will also shock everyone. Rhimes teases to that the final minutes of the season-ender will leave audiences screaming, “'What the hell can they possibly do next?! Because I think they just exploded the entire premise of their show!' But I'm glad we did that. It feels really good.” Being scandalized never sounded so good.

Now that “Glee” has been renewed for not one but two seasons, the show has the luxury of truly exploring life at McKinley and NYADA. The final episodes will see the returns of Amber Riley’s Mercedes and superdad Burt Hummel (Mike O’Malley), reports. The May 9 finale will culminate with the New Directions performing at Regionals and Blaine proposing to his lobster, Kurt. Now that’s one “Glee” wedding I’d love to attend.

Person Of Interest
I’ve always argued that CBS’s “Person Of Interest” is a superhero-tale without capes. So what will happen when Finch and Reese’s superpower aka The Machine comes under attack? Our heroes will have to turn to some “surprising allies to save it,” executive producer Greg Plageman tells To complicate matters, a dark secret in Fusco’s already checkered past comes to light, and threatens to fracture the team. "This is not a season that necessarily ends well for anybody,” Plageman warns. Nothing creates a more kickass superhero than overcoming insurmountable obstacles, right?

The Mindy Project
Despite its ambiguous name, “The Mindy Project” is clearly one of the funniest shows on television. Its first season finale shouldn’t disappoint either. According to, the May 14 closer is centered on a big camping trip. In the serenity of nature, Mindy will have to decide if she will be able to go through life with uber do-gooder, Pastor Casey. She also has to deal with that sweet hand-holding moment with Danny in “Santa Fe,” which can be exceedingly difficult now that Danny’s estranged wife Christina and her own boyfriend pulling focus. Executive Producer Matt Warburton says that there is “a lot of room for both of them to over or under-interpret what that meant.”

Luckily for all “Castle” fans, the May 13 finale won’t put our favorite lovers in physical peril. Instead, they’ll be facing dangers to the heart, which can be just as nerve-wracking. reports that “Castle’s” finale will be an incredibly emotional one for Beckett and Castle. Creator Andrew W. Marlowe elaborates, "We find Castle and Beckett forced to confront the hard questions about what their relationship is based on and who they are. Questions start bubbling up, [like], 'Where are we going?'" And their actions to cause ripple effects to their co-workers and families. "The finale could potentially change everyone's lives forever," Marlowe teases. After watching the history of “Caskett” in last week’s romantic and suspenseful “Still,” I’ll put $20 on an epic and eccentric proposal from “Castle.”

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