'Suits' Season 3: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

July 15th, 2013 1:30pm EDT

Suits Summer television is about to get much more stylish when the acclaimed USA series "Suits" returns for its third season on July 16. When we last left the legal drama, Hardman & Associaties had merged with a British law firm, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) was betrayed by Mike and Jessica, and Mike confessed his epic secret to Rachel. Here are five spoilers you need to know before the July 16 premiere on USA Network at 10pm EST...

Donna might finally get her man. The firm's sassiest assistant just may fall for a dapper, handsome, successful lawyer...that's not Harvey Specter. Entertainment Weekly reports that Donna (Sarah Rafferty) will be pursued by an attorney from the UK firm who has been dubbed "British Harvey." I wonder what terrifically bad things this will do to Harvey's already battered ego.

Back To The Future Part II. For the past two seasons, "Suits" has alluded to Harvey and Donna's tumultuous years in the DA's office. reports that the Aug. 20 episode will flashback to that turning point in his career. The episode will also explore Harry and Donna's tryst, the origin of the mysterious can-opener ritual. Mike fans don't fret, our adorable genius won't be overlooked. "Suits'" blast from the past will also explore Mike's and frenemy Trevor's relationship during his doomed stint in college.

Mike gets the girl...sort of. Last season's finale was hotter than a July heatwave when thanks to Mike and Rachel's (Meghan Markle) steamy supply room hook-up. This season, the two are attempting to traverse a very complicated courtship. Meghan Markle told, "Obviously, the past two seasons, you’ve watched them try to figure out all of these things that Rachel’s worked so hard to accomplish and has this Achilles heel for something to come so easily for Mike."

Will Mike and Harvey kiss and make up? I'm fairly positive we can rule out the kissing, but according to Entertainment Weekly, their bromance will get back on track...eventually. The wonderfully weaselly Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) will take advantage of the rift between them to make use of Mike's super-memory. However, it's actually Harvey who will realize that he's better with his wingman at his side.

Need your "Suits" fix now? Watch a five-minute sneak peak below. Don't forget to tune into the season 3 opener of "Suits" on Tuesday at 10pm EST on USA.

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