'Supernatural' Season 9: 5 Spoilers From Comic-Con

July 22nd, 2013 10:30am EDT

Supernatural San Diego's Comic-Con is Christmas for geeks that bestows gifts of spoilers for our favorite television shows, upcoming movies and much more. The "Supernatural" panel offered the first insights the cult horrow show's ninth season that has been left dreadfully unspoiled...until now. Here are five spoilers you need to know...

The freefall continues. What happens to the world is suddenly overrun with fallen angels? According to showrunner Jeremy Carver, utter mayhem. "We’ve got lots of angels out there with lots of different agendas. [They're] lost, scared, and vengeful. A world of fallen angels is a dirty, bloody, scary and in some ways very human world," Carver told Sounds like a regular day at the office for Sam and Dean.

Not a man, not yet an angel. When we last saw Misha Collins's trenchoated doppleganger, Castiel, he had fallen from heaven after being rendered mortal. This season will explore his struggle with his loss of smiting powers and those badass wings, according to "I think for Castiel’s arc as a character this season, it’s going to be an immensely rich terrain to explore," Collins explained. They writers also mined this arc for comedic gold as Collins alludes to a "really really great bathroom scene."

Fan-favorites are returning. Are you a fan of "Supernatural's" epically geeky Charlie Bradbury played by the awesome Felicia Day? What about Sam and Dean's surrogate father, Bobby (Jim Beaver)? reports that both of those characters will return. Executive Producer Bobby Singer teases about Day's LARP-lovin' hacker: "We have big plans for her this year."

Winchesters do it the hard way. Since the trials are off the table, Sam and Dean begin the arduous task of ending the world of demons one black-eyed freak at a time, reports. The brothers sentence Crowley (Mark Sheppherd) to solitary confinement in their personal dungeon until he gives them "the name of every demon on Earth and who they are possessing." It was about Sam and Dean started entertaining in their new home.

Sam is not okay...but he will be. The last scene of SPN's heart-pounding finale saw Sam collapse from the intensity of the trials. "Supernatural" star Jared Padalecki enthusiastically gushed to that there will be lingering effects but that Sam recovers in a way that is mysterious to him, but not Dean. "[It] involves a big secret. Sam is not aware of and Dean (Jensen Ackles) keeps from him. But we’ll see Sam go through changes regularly that I can’t wait for. I think the fans will love it. It’s made me more excited to shoot the season." An endorsement like that only makes it the three months until the October premiere even more hellish.
"Supernatural" returns with new episodes on Oct.15 on the CW. Which spoilers are you most excited about? Hit up the comments section below!

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