'Breaking Bad's' Final Episodes: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

August 9th, 2013 3:30pm EDT

Breaking Bad Since Vince Gilligan cooked up the intoxicating crime drama, "Breaking Bad," fans and critics have become addicted to the superbly written, masterfully acted since about a cancer-stricken chemistry teacher-turned drug kingpin. One of the best shows on television will return for its final episodes on Aug. 11, so gas up the RV and buy all the Blue Sky you can find. Here are five spoilers you need to know...

Saul Goodman survives. There will undoubtedly be many fatalities as Heisenberg continues his pell-mell rise to power in the final episodes. Fortunately, it's safe to assume that everyone's favorite crooked lawyer will survive. According to, creator Gilligan's "fervent wish" is to great a spin-off based on Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). Do I think fans would tune in? In the wise words of Jesse Pinkman, "yeah, bitch!"

Did Bryan Cranston ignore the sacred SPOILER ALERT?! The big Bad himself, Bryan Cranston hinted at a possible ending for the show that he described as a "worse hell" for Walter White than his inevitable demise. White originally started cooking meth to leave a nest egg for his family and enjoy them before he died. "What if the thing he wanted the most, which was the togetherness of his family — what if he lived and they didn’t?" Cranston asked. Color me horrified and intrigued.

'Bad' will get Rose-y. reports that the legendary journalist and television host will guest star in the seventh episode on the series. The power-that-be were mum as to who he would play.

The finale episodes are the "best of the series." While major details about the last installments of the series are secured tighter than the Pentagon, the stars are singing the praises of the extended finale. Aaron Paul offers some Pinkman-esque enthusiasm to "You guys are gonna s--- your pants!" With Hank finally suspecting Walt, Dean Norris, who plays DEA agent Hank Schrader, boasts that the shows careens into the "Hank-Walt showdown" we've all been waiting for. Cage match, anyone?

Not excited enough for the Aug. 11 premiere? Check out this chilling new promo below.

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