'New Girl' Season 3 - 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

September 16th, 2013 3:07pm EDT

New Girl "New Girl," the adorkable, quirky gem of a comedy that gave us The Douchebag Jar, will be returning in a matter of days. When we last saw our favorite loftmates, Nick and Jess (Jake Johnson and Zoey Deschanel, respectively) had literally driven into their happy ending as a full-fledged couple while Schmit (Max Greenfield) bolted from the decision between the one that got away, CeCe and his old flame, Elizabeth. Before season 3 kicks off on Sept. 17 at 9pm ESt on Fox, here are five spoilers you need to know...

Schmit Decision. Our favorite douchebag Schmidt will have to make the the complicated decision between Elizabeth and Cece in season 3. reports that Elizabeth's portrayer Merritt Wever will only appear in three episodes, but don't assume that the model is the obvious choice. Also remember that Schmidt is the same man who had a re-branding party for his package. Will he date both women and possibly lose them both? According to, it's a huge possibility. And the entire situation is further complicated by a big ole wrench named Beth (Eva Amurri), who threatens to expose the lovestruck two-timer.

Coach gets back in the game. giddily reports that "Happy Endings'" Damon Wayan Jr. will reprise Coach, the character that was introduced in the pilot. After filming pilot, Wayans had to fulfill his role as the epically silly Brad on "Happy Endings" when it was picked up by ABC. Lamourne Morris's ex-basketball player Winston was cast as in his absence. Now that Coach is returning for at least four episodes, will the woefully unexplored Winston--whose season finale storyline consisted of being chased by a badger--have an ally or nemesis?

You never really leave high school. Jess Day will quickly find out that you can never escape drama that is so high school. She encounters two Mean Girl-esque teachers at the school where she now substitute teaches, according to "Apartment 23's" Dreama Walker and "The Office's" Angela Kinsey will play archenemies of the literal new girl Jess, who plays principal's pet. She gets an A for effort!

What happens in Mexico? Leave it to "New Girl" to bunk all of the 'will-they-won't-they' cliches by uniting the show's OTP curmungeonly Nick and Jess by season 3. To celebrate their newfound coupledom, they drive to Mexico, and according to, not-so-romantic shennanigans ensue. Someone gets tased. Someone goes to jail causing Schmit and Winston come to the rescue, which probably only gets them in more trouble.

Check out this exclusive sneak peek of the Sept. 17 premiere!

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