'Castle' Season 6: 5 Spoilers You Need To Know

September 20th, 2013 1:30pm EDT

Castle Last season of ABC's "Castle" was a cliffhanger worthy of a series about an eccentric crime novelist and the fiercely beautiful detective muse he shadows. Beckett (Stana Katic) secretly pursued a fancy job in Washington D.C. and an unaware Castle proposed in the closing just before credits rolled. On Sept. 23, "Castle" will begin its sixth season on ABC at 10pm EST, so here are five spoilers you need to know...

Beckett is moving on up. All signs are pointing to Beckett accepting the job in our nation's capital. The evidence: reports that the 12th will get a new ambitious detective, Grant "Sully" Sullivan (Joshua Bitton) AKA Beckett's replacement. Sully will stick around for a few episodes, so let's hope he will be properly hazed by Esposito and Ryan.

Check out this exclusive sneak peek of Beckett's post-proposal reaction!

The hipsters are coming. After Alexis' heartbreaking (and awesome) abduction last season, it's good to see that "Castle's" daughter is avoiding danger at all costs, including in her new boyfriends. reports that Alexis (Molly C. Quinn) will fall for a hipster fruitarian who apparently whips up a mean "papaya steak." Thank God for NYC take-out, right?

A woman will entice...Beckett? If anyone could cause a rift between the rugged and adorable Castle (Nathan Fillion) and his badass detective girlfriend (or fiancee?), it would have to be "House" alum Lisa Edelstein. TVGuide reports that Edelstein is joining the show for multiple episodes as an investigator named Rachel McCord. She could cause problems with our Caskett by becoming a "mentor" for Beckett. "What McCord's done with her life is really inspiring and tempting to Beckett, but it is also threatening to the way of life Beckett's chosen so far," Edelstein hints, "[She] doesn't quite understand why Castle is hanging around." Cue the hate

Do. Not. Miss. The. Season. Premiere. The opener of this season contains some life-altering and tragic events to our beloved major characters, according to Someone gets shot...a lot. Someone dies. Someone will be in a serious car crash. Need I say more? Oh yes, "Castle" premieres on Sept. 23 at 10pm EST.

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