Pop Culture Thanksgiving: 7 Things We're Grateful For

November 27th, 2013 12:00pm EST

Amber Riley Amber Riley

Whether she's making a soulful noise with her golden pipes on "Glee" or electrifying the dance floor on "Dancing With The Stars," Amber Riley is always dazzling. This year, she and the "Glee" cast broke hearts with a raw and moving tribute to the late Cory Monteith. Her visceral performance of "I'll Stand By You" was not the only tear-jerking moment during the episode, but it was definitely a stand-out. She has also invigorated the 17th season of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" with her teanacity, drive and heart as she has danced through injuries without ever slowing down. She can add "Dancing With The Stars" Champion to her resume, which only proves that Riley's star is truly on the rise.

"Say Something," Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera

In case you have forgotten, Christina Aguilera has a voice that can make angels weep...or twerk depending on the song. Aguilera lended her glorious pipes to Great Big World's "Say Something," a tear-jerking ballad that's perfection for the holiday season and your own private ugly cries. The "Say Something" collaboration is just another step Aguilera has in 2013 to regain her former title as pop princess. She has returned to the the red swivel chair as a judge on NBC's "The Voice" and even has a svelte new figure to go with it. Hopefully, all of these projects, including "We Remain" for "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" soundtrack, is a hot new album in 2014. For now though, I am thrilled to have "Say Something" in my life, and I'm sure tissue companies are too.

"WatchWhat Happens Live" on Bravo
Sorry, Jay, Jimmy and Dave, you got nothin' on Andy Cohen's late night party on Bravo. "Watch What Happens Live" pairs Bravo-lebrities with real life stars. Add in unlimited cocktails, Cohen's delightful lack of shame and shade, and you have a recipe for the dishiest talk show ever created. WWHL has also managed to get icons like Oprah, Lady Gaga and Sir Ian McKellan to not only arrive at the show but to show up for all the uncensored shenanigans. Mazel, Andy. I wouldn't survive the work week without you. "Watch What Happens Live" returns with new episodes on Dec. 1.

"The Mindy Project" on FOX
I doubt the piligrams cracked jokes over the first Thanksgiving, and if they did, they certainly weren't as funny as the zingers on the second season of the woefully underrated comedy, "The Mindy Project." "The Office's" Mindy Kaling stars as a hopeless romantic who is a hopelessly single doctor in New York City. The second season has topped the first in laughs and inter-office hijinks, thanks to new addition "Happy Endings'" Adam Pally and guest stars like James Franco. With Fox ousting the comedy off the schedule until spring, its future is looking as grim as most gobblers come November, which only makes me cherish it more.

Tom Hiddleston
Even handsome Aussie Chris Hemsworth and his thunderous guns couldn't save the meandering CGI-fest that was "Thor: The Dark World," although it still hammered the competition at the box office. Natalie Portman may be thankful that she got to sleep through one-third the film, but I'm exceedingly grateful for Tom Hiddleston's electric portrayal as the delishly evil Loki. In what could be his last portrayal as the devious, dark step-brother to the God of Lightning, Hiddleston was both vulnerable, seething and eccentric while never abandoning the true danger of a intergalatic terrorist. According to, Hiddleston will not reprise his role for "The Avengers:Age of Ultron," I can only hope Marvel Studios has bigger things on the horizon for Loki and his dapper doppleganger.

"IchAbbie" as seen on Fox's "Sleepy Hollow"
As a rule, I generally don't ship any would-be couples on television shows, because I know that I will be in store of literally years of teased moments, broken hearts and tension. That is until this season's sleeper hit "Sleepy Hollow" introduced Ichabod, the British soldier who fought in the American revolution and separated The Horsemen from his head met Abbie, a modern day sherriff and eventual partner. They couldn't be more different but they were chosen to thwart the apocalypse, and somehow the tragedy in their lives have bonded them. Yes, Ichabod (Tom Mison) is technically married to an undead witch trapped in purgatory. Yes, Abbie (Nicole Behaire) has more issues that "National Geographic," but somehow it just works. And for that I'm truly grateful.

Jennifer Lawrence
Whether she's winning an Oscar, starring in a blockbuster movie or just cutting her hair, Jennifer Lawrence never fails to entertain. And I'm not sure what the Hollywood landscape would look like without the edgy, snarky, hilarious actress. A recent interview on "Late Night With David Letterman" left the normally quick-witted comedian at a loss for words as she described a recent trip to the hospital. Check out the clip below that went viral because it's pure gold.
It's also admirable that Lawrence isn't letting the her Oscar win go to her head. She reprises her role as Katniss in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" currently in theaters, and she will be seen in the crime drama "American Hustle" out on Dec. 18th.

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