7 Spoilers You Need To Know: 'Person Of Interest,' 'Supernatural,' 'HIMYM' And More...

January 7th, 2014 3:00pm EST

Person Of Interest If the first week of 2014 has been anything, it's frigid. Most of the nation is enduring an arctic deep-freeze, so it's long overdue that most shows are returning from their holiday hiatuses so there is something entertaining to do while we hunker down in blankets. Here are seven spoilers you need to know on "Person Of Interest," “Supernatural" and more...

It can always get worse. If you thought the Carter's stunning death was this season's rock bottom, think again. EP Jonah Nolan ominously warns: "As taxing, difficult and ultimately lethal as the battle [with HR] was, that was just the beginning of the challenges put in front of our heroes," he tells One of those challenges involves not one or two, but a "clusterf--k of villains" targeting our dogooding team. "Person Of Interest" returns on Jan. 7 on CBS at 10/9c.

Unhealthy Competition. If it weren't for bad luck, "The Big Bang Theory's" Stuart would have no luck at all. The downtrodden owner of the gang's favorite comic book store now has some hefty competition, according to In the Jan. 9 episode, "Drake and Josh's" Josh Peck guest stars as his competition, except his comic story is reportedly far more epic than Stuart's.

The heart wants what it wants. Thanks to some the adorkable flirtation between "Arrow's" Girl Wednesday, Felicity Smoak and the baby-faced Barry, Oliver was forced to admit to himself that he felt "something" for Felicity, according to The upcoming episodes will deliver even more warm and fuzzy Olicity moments...with some fighting of bad guys and shirtless workouts tossed in, of course! "Arrow" returns with new episodes on Jan. 15 on The CW.

And The Newest Big Bad Is... With Pelant six-feet under, FOX's "Bones" will soon be dealing with a new uber-villain, eeriely dubbed The Ghost Killer, according to The murderer's handiwork will make its debut in the Jan. 10 episode of the procedural. What's more? EP Stephan Nathan hints that The Ghost Killer is probably is not a bad guy, but a bad gal. Hell hath no fury and all that.

Mother, may I? CBS's "How I Met Your Mother" will reach another milestone before it goes to the great TV vault in the sky: its 200th episode. With an episode entitled "How Your Mother Met Me," it's a fair assumption that this episode will heavily feature Ted and his future wife. Executive Producer Carter Bays dishes to "[Ted is] going to meet [The Mother] at exactly the right time in his life." Mother's first new episode of 2014 airs on Jan. 13 at 8/7c.

Any means necessary. "Supernatural's" winter finale ended with a rogue angel overtaking Sam Winchester and the death of beloved prophet Kevin Tran. The first episode of 2014, airing Jan. 14 on The CW, picks up where December's cliffhanger left off. In order to fix his tragic mistake, Dean will make alliances that will have "explosive consequences," EP Jeremy Carver tells Is it weird that I hope Dean and fierce Knight of Hell Abaddon team up?

Let the battle begin! When ABC's "Scandal" returns in February, Cyrus and Leo will battle it out for control of Fitz' muderous VP Sally Langston. Cyrus is used to pulling all the strings, but Leo ("Grey's Anatomy's Paul Adelstein) proves to be a formidable puppeteer in his own right. Cyrus' portrayer Jeff Perry tells He is a scary, smart mercenary. He is so scary, he is so damn smart, he pisses Cyrus off."

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