Weekly Fashion Wrap Up: Kate Beckinsale, Kim Kardashian & More

9/11/2009 2:15pm EDT | Kris Schoels By: Kris Schoels
Weekly Fashion Wrap Up

In this week's "Fashion Wrap Up" there are more losers than winners - but we expect next week's list to be full of both with Fashion Week starting in New York City. See the photos after the jump!


Jennifer Morrison: Our worst dressed of the week. Yikes, just yikes!

Jennifer Morrison

Image © PR Photos

Kim Kardashian: Not so much about the fashion (her outfit wasn't half bad), but what was Kim thinking about her hair? What is that on the side of her head?

Kim Kardashian

Image © PR Photos

Lily Collins: Maybe it's mean, but this whole ensemble is terrible. The color, the cut...ouch!

Lily Collins

Image © PR Photos

Taylor Momsen: Why do you insist on looking like a young Courtney Love? We miss our Jenny Humphrey with buttery highlights and cute (age appropriate) dresses.

Taylor Momsen

Image © PR Photos

Jessica Szhor: Ok, we get that you have a great body and want to show it off. We even love the makeup. However, the outfit looks like you purchased it a size too small, and the leopard print shoe boots look a little "Hot Kiss" circa 1990.

Jessica Szhor

Image © PR Photos

The Backstreet Boys: All of these guys are fashion losers this week, maybe for the simple fact that they are coming out with a new album. Is that really necessary, guys?

The Backstreet Boys

Image © PR Photos

Rose Byrne: A bit of a mermaid on steroids, or a mermaid with shoulder pads?

Rose Byrne

Image © PR Photos


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