Shining & Falling Stars: Nicki Minaj & Prince Harry

August 24th, 2012 9:06am EDT

nicki Shining Star: Nicki Minaj - After both J.Lo and Steven Tyler bowed out of their judging duties on "American Idol," chaos ensued. Would the show go on? Who would replace them if it did?

The show already signed on Mariah Carey, for a reported boatload of cash. Now there's one seat remaining, and rumors are swirling that the eccentric Nicki Minaj would be filling that vacant spot. And the news isn't sitting well with Carey.

Sources connected to the show told TMZ that Mariah had been led to believe that she was going to be the only female on the panel, so she's understandably annoyed that she might now be joined by the much younger and, dare I say it, more current artist that is Nicki Minaj. Is Minaj, a hip-hop artist and rapper, the best choice as a judge of a singing competition?? Maybe not. But a catfight between Minaj and Carey would be ratings gold!

Falling Star: Prince Harry

Anyone with an internet connection saw the softer side of The Royal Family this week... and not in a good way. Prince Harry, the ultimate party animal, created his own type of "The Hang Over" weekend, sans the tiger and Mike Tyson.

It is no secret that Harry is the wild child of the British Monarchy. But after partying hard in Vegas last weekend, and playing strip billards with a bunch of floozies, pictures leaked online on TMZ of the Prince with his crown jewels on display in his giant hotel suite.

Yes many of us have experienced the "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" weekends. But it's a bit different when you are, like it or not, a representative of The Royal Family. Not only that, he's a representative of the British army, and could face disciplinary action.

It's not the first time Harry has been filming in a compromising position. The third-in-line to the throne was famously photographed wearing a Nazi uniform for a costume party, and in another photo gaffe he was seen cupping the breast of a female TV presenter.

Some are blaming the girls who took the cell phone picts and leaked them. Others, the Prince's bodyguards for not "protecting him" from the embarassment. Either way, Harry still has to face his 86-year-old grandmother- aka The Queen- who will most likely not be amused by all the negative attention.

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