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HBO's 'Girls' Is Back… And As Refreshingly Unlikable As Ever

1/13/2014 11:30am EST
Detractors of "Girls" aren't going to be moved to sudden adoration for season three, which premiered as a double-feature installation last night on HBO. Hannah is still full of taxing self-pity. Shoshanna is still vacantly detached from reality. Jessa is still blunt and nonplussed. Marnie is still gallivanting through a pesky post-breakup stratosphere. Business is usual in Williamsburg. And for initiated and dedicated viewers, that's good news. Sort of. I guess.

The thing with "Girls" is that it requires a certain suspension of the typical norms of television watchability. There's nothing ...

2013 Emmy Awards Predictions: Who Are The Favorites To Win?

9/20/2013 8:48pm EDT
2013 Emmy Awards Predictions

It’s been a while since we’ve had such a wild card Emmy season. Last year, Homeland was all but a lock in each of its major categories, but after a shaky second season, some strong competition from other long-running shows, and a buzzworthy new Netflix series, things are really up in the air pretty much all over the place. Still, I’ll do my best to make some predictions in the big categories. Just remember: This year, pretty much anything goes.

Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men

While I’d love to see Game of Thrones’ confident t...

Emmy Award Nominations 2013: Biggest Snubs

7/18/2013 9:00pm EDT
Emmy Awards 2013: Biggest Emmys Snubs
So the Emmys, huh?

There were some great surprises (Emilia Clarke! Adam Driver! Kerry Washington! Bill Hader!) and some daring ventures (multiple nominations for Netflix shows like “House of Cards” and  “Arrested Development”). The writing and directing categories are incredibly strong, the miniseries and guest actors lists impressive.

And yet… sigh. As always, whole genres go unrecognized, and some of TV’s most valuable programs get the shaft for “safer” options.

Here are some of the year’s biggest snubs.  

1) Tatiana Maslany for Lead Actress Drama
Hands down today’s biggest travesty i...

'True Blood' Season 6 Recap: So Far, So Bad

7/1/2013 11:59am EDT
True Blood
There’s a point in every season of “True Blood” where the show goes from silly fun to something… bothersome. I’ve been an avid viewer since season 1, but haven’t enjoyed the show since about midway through season 3, when I realized the “fun” I thought I was having was more of a prolonged sense of awe. “True Blood” is a show where things happen and happen and happen, but nothing ever matters – for the characters or the viewers.

Take for instance my one-time favorite aspect of the series: Jessica and Hoyt. Their romance was truly riveting: a baby vampire with a wild side who was robbed her i...

'Game Of Thrones' Finale: 'Mhysa' Sets The Stage For Season 4

6/10/2013 11:44am EDT
'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Finale
How do you follow up one of the most bombastically violent and depressing hours in the history of television? "Game of Thrones" had that challenge this week. After last episode's horrible Red Wedding sequence, where we lost three main characters and respect for a few more (screw you, Roose Bolton), there was really no place to go but up. Or rather, no place to go but on. Several characters did, indeed, move on (like Bran and Arya), and several more returned (Jon and Sam to Castle Black, Jaime to King's Landing). Nothing monumentous happened, but that's "Game of Thrones" for you - the final ...

'Game of Thrones' Recap: 'The Rains of Castamere' Reminds Us That Everything Is Always Terrible In Westeros

6/3/2013 12:00pm EDT
Game of Thrones
SPOILER ALERT! This article contains spoilers from "Game of Thrones" Season 3 Episode 9: "The Rains of Castamere." Stop reading now if you haven't seen the episode yet.

There's always been a clear division between "Game of Thrones" book fans and "Game of Thrones" TV fans. How could there not be? Fans of beloved pre-existing material have good reason to gloat over newbies: they knew this stuff first. It's theirs. For those who prefer the HBO series, an endeavor that's decidedly less committal than reading George R.R. Martin's colossal books, navigating the Internet has been a bit of a pole-...

'Game Of Thrones' Recap: 'Second Sons' - Tyrion And Sansa Wed

5/20/2013 11:31am EDT
'Game of Thrones' Recap: 'Second Sons'
Last night's "Game of Thrones" was another seminar in set-up, which is fine, since this book-reader knows what’s in store for these final two episodes (and it’s pure craziness, rest assured). Still, “Storm of Swords,” the book on which this season is based, is dizzyingly epic, and it’s a little disappointing what they’re choosing to save for next season – some of that could easily be applied to episodes like this to speed things along. Alas, we’re left with at least one extremely badass moment (from Sam, of all people!) and a lo of talking heads before that.

Strictly speaking, Tyrion and S...

'Game Of Thrones' Recap: 'The Climb' Slows Things Down... For Now

5/6/2013 10:47am EDT
GOT: Thomas Brodie Sangster, Ellie Kendrick
Part-way through last night's new "Game of Thrones" episode, "The Climb" (not the Miley Cyrus song, but a weird metaphor for ascending the top tier of Westeros politics), Theon's still-nameless torturer uttered a line so on-point for the series that it felt like a purely meta conversation-starter: "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." That's sort of "Game of Thrones" in a nuthsell, no? And it spoke odes to where a lot of our favorites ended up last night. Because in Westeros, happy news is always terrible news.

Let's start with some of our "outsiders" (...

'Game Of Thrones' Recap: 'Kissed By Fire' Packed With Schemes And Developments

4/29/2013 10:41am EDT
Game of Thones Season 3 Episode 5
If "Game of Thrones" is about one thing, it isn't war or honor, death or betrayal, succession or glory. It is, funny enough, about family, or the frayed remnants of whatever that word means to the individual. For Robb, that family is Talisa, his mother and the siblings he believes dead. For Daenerys, it's her dragons and the memory of her dead brothers, husband and son. For the Lannisters, it's the strange but unspoken sense of loyalty that binds them as one ragged, but surprisingly sturdy, unit. The boundaries between all the different families, from the blood-related to the scrounged and ...

'Game Of Thrones' Recap: 'And Now His Watch Is Ended' Was Simply Epic

4/22/2013 12:09pm EDT
Game of Thrones
Well. That was a big one, no? DANERYS TARGARYEN, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Everything was great, but those last ten minutes wiped the floor with whatever came before, both in the episode and the season (and maybe the series). After an entire second season of middling Dany storylines - an obvious ploy to kick her tertiary book plot up a notch - this felt like sweet, sweet vindication.

But first things first: what in the sweet hell is Varys doing with that dude in a trunk? That was some straight up Harry Potter business, like MadEye Moody in his office chest. After a rousing story about his cast...

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