5 Celebrities Who Had Meltdowns Over The Election Results

November 8th, 2012 7:30pm EST

5 Celebrities Who Had Meltdowns Over The Election Results

President Barack Obama was re-elected into office for his second term on Tuesday after defeating Gov. Mitt Romney in a close election. While many celebrities flocked to social media sites to voice their excitement towards Obama’s re-election, there were several notable figures who lost their cool following Romney’s loss. Check out our list of the 5 celebrities who had meltdowns over the election results:

1. Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly, host of the The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, assisted as a political analyst for Fox News during their election broadcast.

During the broadcast, Bill O’Reilly stated that if Obama won the re-election it's due to the nation's demographics, stating:

“It’s a changing country. The demographics are changing. It’s not a traditional America anymore and there are 50% of the voting public who want stuff. They want things and who is going to give them things? President Obama. And he ran on it.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, it got uglier.

O’Reilly proclaimed: “The white establishment is now the minority and the voters, many of them, feel that the economic system is stacked against them and they want stuff.”

2. Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson, the former Saturday Night Live star and proclaimed Tea Party activist, took to her Twitter page to unleash her anger about the election. Jackson wrote “I can’t stop crying.” followed by “America Died.” Jackson then said "The Democrat Party voted God out and replaced Him with Romans 1. In the Good vs. Evil won."

To add insult to injury, Jackson followed up with, "Thanks a lot Christians, for not showing up. You disgust me."

This was not Jackson’s first outburst in regards to her dislike for Obama. In 2008, Jackson joined Bill O’Reilly as a guest on The O’Reilly Factor and called Obama “a communist.”

3. Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent, an American musician and former reality star, was another celebrity who used Twitter to showcase his discontent with the results of the election. Nugent tweeted, "Pimps whores & welfare brats & their soulless supporters hav a president to destroy America."

Nugent followed up with, "Goodluk America u just voted for economic & spiritual suicide. Soulless fools."

Nugent is no stranger to political controversy. Nugent met with U.S. Secret Service agents in April after proclaiming at an NRA conference he’d be “dead or in jail” next year if Obama was re-elected.

In July, Nugent penned an opinion article for The Washington Times, stating:

“Because our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government hold the 10th Amendment in contempt, I’m beginning to wonder if it would have been best had the South won the Civil War. Our Founding Fathers’ concept of limited government is dead.”

4. Donald Trump

Donald Trump became a trending topic on Twitter Wednesday morning following a not-so-subtle Twitter rampage revolving around Obama and the United States government.

Immediately after Obama was re-elected into office, Trump tweeted, “Well, back to the drawing board!”

Trump followed up with, "We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. Our nation is totally divided!" along with, "This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!"

Trump continued to bash the Electorial College, stating it is a "disaster for democracy."

The following day, Trump took shots at Williams for using his tweets on the air, stating, "Brian--Thanks dummy--I picked up 70,000 twitter followers yesterday alone. Cable News just passed you in the ratings. @NBCNightlyNews"

Several of Trump's tweets were deleted the following day, including one stating that Obama shouldn’t have won because he lost the popular vote. The next day Obama won the popular vote, nullifying Trump’s original statement.

This wasn't Trump's first issue with Obama. Trump recently garnered publicity after he insisted he would send a $5 million check to any charity of Obama’s choice if the president supplied him with his records. The commander-in-chief never met Trump’s October 31 proposed deadline.

5. Karl Rove

The last, but certainly not least, celebrity to have a meltdown over the election results was Karl Rove. Rove, who served as a political analyst for Fox News during the election, was in complete denial when Fox News announced that President Obama had won Ohio, leading to his re-election win.

Rove buffed Fox News' stance saying the call was "premature" since they "still have a quarter of the vote to go."

Rove kept denying the call, stating, "I don’t know what the outcome is going to be but we have to be careful about calling things when we have like 999 votes separating the two candidates and a quarter of the vote yet to count."

Shortly after Rove's remarks, Fox News' Megyn Kelly led cameras to the back of the set searching for results. She asked one expert who stated, "We're actually quite comfortable with the call in Ohio."

Rove found fault with the results because the same situation happened during the 2000 elections between Bush and Gore, leading to a reversed call. He attributed to that scenario stating, "Look, we've had one instance where something was prematurely called."

Kelly followed up stating "They said this was not going to be one of those."

Watch the clip below:

What do you think of the celebrity reactions to the election? Sound off in the comments below!

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