'Grey's Anatomy' Season Finale Recap: 'Perfect Storm'

May 17th, 2013 9:01pm EDT

'Grey's Anatomy' Season Finale Shonda Rhimes warned us that all bets were off for the Grey’s Anatomy season finale, appropriately titled “Perfect Storm,” that put several Grey Sloan Memorial doctors at risk. Warning, major finale spoilers ahead!
Upon learning that Ethan’s father survived his surgery, Owen decides to transport Ethan and his father to another hospital – in a helicopter during the storm. Although he advises Ethan he’s just getting moved to a “safer” hospital, Cristina is well aware that this has to do with Owen’s desire to adopt the boy. Cristina criticizes Owen for not talking to her about this. He insists he doesn’t want kids – he wants her. Their conversation ends when Cristina learns that Meredith is in labor and rushes off to see her.
Elsewhere, Shane and Ben are preparing to work with Bailey in the OR. After a few minutes in the OR, Bailey freezes and insists she can’t operate. She leaves and asks Owen to find a surgeon who can take her place. Richard volunteers and speaks with the patient’s father who fills him in on his son’s condition. Owen is visibly upset that Bailey opted out of the surgery, but after Cristina’s PTSD debacle you’d think he’d have more compassion. Callie on the other hand does and asks Bailey to stock the ORs with blood.
Richard joins Ben and Shane in the OR as the power goes out. He reminds the doctors to stay calm and advises Shane to get Cristina, who’s preoccupied with Meredith. When he goes to see Cristina, Meredith insists it’s fine for her to go. She has more important things to deal with – like advising her doctor that she’s going to push. Meredith’s doctor puts her in her place and insists that there’s no way she’s pushing. Due to the baby’s location, Meredith is forced to have a C-section. She’s all set to go into surgery when the power goes out. Derek advises her to stay calm. He insists the power will come back on shortly, but it never does. As a result, Meredith is forced to undergo her surgery in the dark.
After her dirty deed with Lauren, Arizona rushes out to the NICU to advise the doctors to stay calm. If they appear spooked, the parents will get spooked. Lauren comes in to offer some assistance. After some initial hesitation, Arizona lets Lauren help out with her patients. Alex attempts to resume his talk with Jo but Arizona interrupts him, stating that their patient’s monitor is low on battery.
When Bailey comes in to bring blood to the OR, Richard mistakes her for a nurse. He later apologizes before she walks out. Ben confesses that he tried to talk to Bailey, but his attempts came up short. Cristina enters to assist Richard but refuses to operate in the dark. Richard talks about how his patient was helping his father prepare for the storm when it hit. Without her help, he’ll die. Richard’s advice is enough to convince Cristina to operate.
Meredith undergoes surgery for her C-section in the dark. Her doctor gets the baby out without a problem, but he doesn’t initially cry, causing Meredith to panic. Eventually, he cries, but Meredith and Derek learn his stats are low. She advises Derek to go with the baby while she gets stitched up. Meredith’s doctor gets paged to another patient, leaving Shane to close Meredith up.
April is taken off guard when she sees Matthew enter the ER during the storm. He explains that he walked over to the hospital after his ambulance got stuck in water. When he offers to help out, the doctors witness a bus flip over on the road, causing it to catch on fire. The doctors rush to help the passengers escape before the whole thing blows up. Jackson and Owen assist a patient who’s stuck inside. She advises them to find her daughter. Jackson makes his way up to save her, but it doesn’t seem like they’re going to make it out in time. The bus ends up exploding, causing the doctors to scream in horror. April is convinced Jackson gets killed in the blast, but he makes it out alive – with the child – in a scene fit for a movie. Callie examines Jackson after his heroic act until April runs in and pushes him out of anger. Callie tells her to get out and cool off. Her true feelings emerge as Matthew looks on.
Alex finds Arizona in a closet, searching for batteries. He advises her that another battery light went out in another machine. As the two search for spare batteries, Arizona blabs that she cheated on Callie with Lauren. Alex confesses he’s in love with Jo but can’t tell her, sharing that all the women in his life were “fine until they met me.” According to Alex, he’s the worst person in the closet.

Derek brings his new baby into the NICU while Arizona advises the doctors that there are no spare batteries. The doctors assemble in a huddle to figure out a new game plan. Lauren reassures Arizona that they can do this. Everyone remains calm until Frank, the hospital’s electrician, spills the beans that the batteries are low in the monitors, causing the parents to freak out. The doctors advise the parents to remain composed. Instead of panicking, they can manually bag their own babies. Jo explains that it’s easy – she learned how to do it during her first day in medical school. She teaches a patient’s mother as Alex watches her from afar.
Elsewhere, Bailey struggles to get the medicine out of the drawer because the power is out. The drawer won’t open without her code. She watches the influx of patients enter the ER and freezes up. Instead of assisting with the incoming patients, she offers to find a way to open the medicine drawer.
In the OR, Richard forces everyone to shut their flashlights off so that Cristina can locate the bleed in her patient. After some hesitation – and patience – Cristina eventually figures out where the leak is. After the surgery, she personally thanks him for making her a better doctor. She rushes off to find Meredith as Ben comes in. Ben agrees with Cristina – According to Bailey, he can “pull greatness out of people,” but he wasn’t able to get it out of her.
Shane continues to work on Meredith, who continues to bleed. She eventually explains that she took a nasty fall and advises Shane to open her up to figure out where she’s bleeding from. He initially refuses, but Meredith insists that she won’t make it unless he does. They identify that the spleen is the source of the bleeding. Although it’s great that they found the source, Shane’s never done the procedure before. As Meredith walks Shane through it, she begins to cry because she knows she’s about to go unconscious. She advises him that he can do this. No pressure, Shane!
Bailey keeps trying to open the medicine drawer as Leah looks on. Mousey runs over to Bailey, advising her that Meredith is on the table and needs help – STAT! After hearing the news, Bailey takes a coat rack and slams it down on the medicine drawer, causing it to open. Bailey yells at Leah and Mousey, who are still in shock, to get the medicine out. They all rush to the ER. When Bailey enters the room, Shane says he did everything Meredith said. Bailey eventually faces her fears and performs Meredith’s surgery.
After successfully completing her surgery, Cristina finds Meredith’s doctor in the OR with another patient – who’s not Meredith. Yes, that’s a problem. Cristina and Derek panic and sprint through the hallways to find Meredith. Cristina and Derek patiently wait outside for Meredith, who’s still in surgery. Cristina insists Meredith is going to be fine. She has to be, she’s their person. “Hey Meredith Grey has survived a bomb, a drowning, a gunman and a plane crash,” Cristina explains. “And she’s still here.” Bailey comes out and starts to cry, leading Cristina and Derek to believe that Meredith’s dead. The two rush in to see that she’s fine, just asleep. Bailey apologizes for crying as Derek hugs her.
Richard heads downstairs to the basement to find Frank, who’s unconscious. He apparently had a heart attack from stress brought on from the storm. Richard apologizes for yelling at him. As Frank gets carted away, he tells Richard that everything’s fixed – he just has to flip the switch. Richard clearly doesn’t acknowledge the puddles of water on the ground as he flips the switch, electrocuting him.
Arizona converses with Lauren as Callie approaches them. She notices Lauren is wearing Arizona’s ring on her scrubs. Lauren insists that Arizona gave her the shirt but Callie’s not fooled. She immediately realizes what happened as Arizona sports her best guilty face. The two start to duke it out in the lounge. Callie screams that they’re married and have a child together. After everything they’ve been through, how could Arizona do this? Arizona yells at Callie, insisting she wasn’t on the plane. In fact, she has no idea what happened out there. She keeps acting like she was there, but she wasn’t. Callie knows “It always comes back to the leg.” Arizona still holds Callie accountable for what happened to her leg. Arizona pleads that Callie never lost anything; Arizona did. “Apparently I lost you,” Callie responds.
Jo and Alex finally get a chance to resume their talk, this time without any interruptions. Jo insists Alex shouldn’t say anything. She knows what he’s about to say and she fears she’ll find a way to mess it up. He attempts to tell Jo how he really feels, but nothing comes out. After a short silence, he finally tells Jo he loves her and the two share a passionate kiss.
In the ER, April shares her true feelings with Jackson. She insists that she wants him. When the bus exploded she thought he was gone and it changed her. “You’re getting married,” he explains as April refutes back “Unless you give me a reason not to.”
Cristina finds Owen in the on call room. She explains she felt such joy today in the OR during her surgery. In fact, she feels that way all the time when she’s in the OR – even during the boring procedures. She sees how Derek watches Zola put apple sauce in her ear and he’s enchanted. She knows Owen feels that way with Ethan and he just needs to listen to his heart. She cries, explaining that she wishes things could be different. He pleads that he wants Cristina, but she says it’s too late – this already happened. After walking out, she passes Meredith, Derek and Zola. She looks on in the window while Meredith proposes naming their new bundle of joy Bailey. Meredith looks over to Cristina, who walks away.
Ben finds Bailey after her surgery and confesses he couldn’t be more impressed with her. She’s thankful but insists she has to speak with Richard, who she owes everything to. But where is Richard? Downstairs. Is he dead? Unknown. Electrocuted? Yes.
What did you think of the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy? Do you think Richard will survive? What’s going to happen to Callie and Arizona? Is this it for Cristina and Owen? Sound off below!

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