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Mac The Movieguy's earliest memories of film consist of seeing a midnight release of The Flintstones, falling asleep in Batman, and making his friend see Tom and Jerry over some other random action movie. That has since transpired into a life of watching countless, thousands of films, and TV shows. He wrote his first reviews for a small town newspaper, Neosho Daily News, and later would write reviews for other bloggers on their now defunct websit

Vincent D’Onofrio Joins 'Daredevil' In Upcoming Netflix Series

6/11/2014 12:27pm EDT
Vincent D'Onofrio
Netflix’s Daredevil has cast Vincent D’Onofrio in the role of Wilson Fisk, better known to comic book fans as Kingpin. D’Onofrio brings a bit of prestige to the project, as he is an Emmy nominee, and has been seen in big movies like Men In Black, Full Metal Jacket, The Newton Boys, The Thirteenth Floor, and Ed Wood. On TV he is best known for his role in Law and Order: Criminal Intent, but has also been in Homicide, as well as voice over work in the Men In Black cartoon, as well as Xavier: Renegade Angel on Adult Swim.

In the original film of Daredevil the role of Kingpin was played by the...

Box Office Predictions: ‘X-Men’ To Topple ‘Godzilla’

5/22/2014 5:48pm EDT
 X-Men: Days Of Future Past
The summer blockbuster movie season is upon us and it looks like the box office will be a busy one this Memorial Day Weekend. Let’s make some predictions shall we.

1) X-Men: Days Of Future Past- 105M 3 Day Weekend, 105M Total

The big question this weekend isn’t if X-Men will break 100M, it’s when. The big budget sequel is sure to be the top draw this weekend, and reviews are helping sell it to even the most skeptical viewer. This is the merging of the two X-Men teams, and it will lead to the biggest X-Men opening ever. The question though is whether or not X-Men will need Memorial Day to ...

Box Office Predictions: 'Godzilla' Should Stomp Its Way To No.1

5/16/2014 9:28am EDT
Box Office Predictions: 'Godzilla' Should Stomp Its Way To No.1
1) Godzilla- 80M Weekend, 80M Total

Expect big things this weekend from a big monster of a movie. A lot of people have compared the ad campaign to World War Z, making it an apocalypse adventure on a global scale. What’s equally important here is that they’ve actually made a good movie, apparently. Godzilla is currently sitting at 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, higher than Million Dollar Arm, Neighbors, and Amazing Spider-Man 2. The only downfall is that the film technically lacks a bankable star, even though most people know who Bryan Cranston is by now. It does face some competition from the 2n...

Fall TV 2014: A Night By Night Comparison Of What May And May Not Work

5/15/2014 2:40pm EDT
Fall TV 2014: A Night By Night Comparison Of What May And May No
Now that all the big networks have revealed what they’ll be showing us this fall, let’s take a look at what may or may not work.


ABC is essentially playing it safe, and keeping Sunday Night intact. American Crime will swap for Resurrection at midseason. Resurrection was a buzzy drama that started seeing a ratings decline. Not waiting till midseason is probably a smart move. You don’t want to lose any more audience. It’s not a winning strategy, but ABC just doesn’t want to be in last place.

NBC has football, another super safe move. CBS is shaking things up, banishing Amazing Race...

CBS Not Moving Forward With 'How I Met Your Dad'

5/14/2014 1:07pm EDT
Greta Gerwig
CBS finally made a decision on one of its few remaining pilots, the spinoff to How I Met Your Mother. Starring Greta Gerwig, the sitcom came from the same creators and studio as How I Met Your Dad, and some news sites reported that How I Met Your Dad was picked up to series… because why not?

It turns out that CBS didn’t feel the pilot was strong enough, and even offered to order a reshoot. But, because the reshoot didn’t guarantee a series order, the production team refused the deal, and we are now left with a dead series. It is possible to shop the show around, but it’s unlikely that anot...

NBC Cancels 'Revolution' and 'Community,' ABC Renews Three

5/9/2014 4:04pm EDT
NBC Cancels 'Revolution' and 'Community,' ABC Renews Three
NBC has cancelled Revolution after two seasons. Revolution was a bubble series for a while, and its prospects just kept getting worse. There was a rumor that NBC would order an abbreviated final season, but ultimately NBC passed on the show altogether.

In other news, NBC has cancelled Community, which is surprising after most people thought it would get a final season order from NBC. Community has one of the most devoted fanbases of any TV show, and there has been talks of reviving Community on a Netflix/Hulu type basis. Now that NBC has released the show, hopefully we will hear word of of...

Box Office Predictions: Will 'Neighbors' Top 'Spider-Man 2'

5/8/2014 7:23pm EDT
Box Office Predictions: Will 'Neighbors' Top 'Spider-Man 2'
1) The Amazing Spider-Man 2- 40M Weekend, 155M Total

Spidey should drop a little over 50% this weekend. Neighbors is solid competition, but not major competition. Spidey will remain the top draw this weekend.

2) Neighbors- 35M Weekend, 35M Total

Keeping in mind this is an R rated comedy, with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, 35M is a really solid opening. This isn’t the Hangover, this is Neighbors. Even with strong reviews, and solid previews, I’m betting this film tops out around 35M. Rogen had This Is The End last year which only managed 20M, so this would be a huge improvement upon that.


Movie Review: The Good And The Bad Of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

5/2/2014 9:18pm EDT
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
The thing I learned is that there are a lot more Spider-Man comic book fans than I would have thought, and there are still some who are oblivious to comic books. There was an audible gasp when Felicity Jones revealed her character’s name was Felicia. As in Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat. No, they don’t go anywhere with that. Nor do they go anywhere with Alistair Smythe. But people definitely appreciated the Black Cat name drop.

An equal amount of people were audibly shocked at the death in the film. You know the death. If you don’t know the death, I won’t 100% spoil it for you, but it’s a bi...

'Almost Human' Cancelled By FOX

4/30/2014 9:14am EDT
Almost Human
FOX has cancelled Almost Human, opting not to go forward with a second season. Almost Human’s ratings actually weren’t that bad, in fact they were often on par with The Following. Almost Human did manage to hang on long enough to be seriously considered for renewal, but FOX is rumored to be happy with its current batch of pilots, including Gotham.

Rumor has it that Dads is actually looking good for a renewal right now.

Weekend Box Office: 'The Other Woman' Vs 'Captain America'

4/25/2014 6:10pm EDT
The Other Woman
1) The Other Woman- 18M Weekend, 18M Total

While not a certified blockbuster, The Other Woman has been tracking well with test audiences and women. Honestly, they’ve been underserved since Valentine’s Day, and Cameron Diaz’s comedy will likely reap the benefits of that. I don’t think it’ll have a huge weekend, but a strong weekend and a first place finish.

2) Captain America 2- 15M Weekend, 224M Total

A week before Spidey swings in, the Captain will continue to make a nice box office impact.

3) Heaven Is For Real- 14M Weekend, 52M Total

I have no reason to believe this feel-good film w...

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