11 Alcoholic Movie Characters In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day

March 16th, 2012 11:00am EDT

11 Alcoholic Movie Characters In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day Saint Patrick's Day is upon us and it's time to prepare to get wasted on the drunkest holiday of the year. But before you hit up the local bar or Irish pub on St. Patty's Day, learn some valuable lessons and mistakes from the following movie characters. From a college drunk in "Animal House" to a boozed up Santa Claus in"Bad Santa," here is a list of memorable drunk movie characters:

Mckenzie Brothers From Strange Brew (1983)

One of the funniest drunk films ever, the 1983 comedy "Strange Brew" stars SCTV's Mckenzie Brothers, played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas. The brothers are two goofy Canadians who wear winter clothing and knit caps while spending their days guzzling down bottles of beer. In the film, the brothers must stop a villain named Brewmeister Smith who plans to contaminate the beer of the brewery where the brothers work. The best scene in the film is when Bob Mckenzie manages to drink a brewey tank filled with beer after being locked inside by Brewmeister Smith. After watching "Strange Brew", you'll know why the Mckenzie Brothers are the Dumb & Dumber of beer drinking.

Arthur From Arthur (1981)

Possibly the greatest drunk movie character of all-time. Arthur Back, played by Dudley Moore, is a millionaire living in New York City who values alcohol as much as he does money. He is on the verge of being married to a wealth heiress, but ends up falling in love with a waitress. Arthur's drunk antics, binge drinking, and hangovers in the film are hysterical to watch. The remake of "Arthur" with Russell Brand is no comparison to this original classic.

Willie From Bad Santa (2003)

After watching "Bad Santa," many children were disappointed to find out that Santa Claus is nothing but a criminal and alcoholic. Willie T. Stokes, played by Billy Bob Thornton, is a mall Santa Claus who spends all of his money on booze and performs criminal deeds like robbing the mall at night with his dwarf friend. Near the end of the film, Stokes is shot by police eight times in front of screaming children, but manages to survive.

Doc Holliday From Tombstone (1993)

Doc Holliday is one of the main outlaws in the Western film "Tombstone." Played by Val Kilmer, Holliday is a gunslinger who suffers from tuberculosis. Knowing his days are numbered, he drinks heavily and gambles in saloons all over Tombstone, Arizona. Doc is remembered in the film for his catch phrases and one-liners like, "I'm your Huckleberry." Near the end of the movie, a wounded Holliday lays on the bed in a sanitorium and realizes that he is about to die without his boots. As he passes away, his last words are, "I'll be damned. Oh, this is funny."

"Freddie" Wong Fei-hung From Drunken Master (1978)

One of Jackie Chan's best movie roles and characters. In the "Drunken Master," he plays Wong Fei hung, a young, troubling martial artist who learns an unorthodox style of martial arts called 'The Eight Drunken Mortals.' Wong learns seven of the styles and implements his own eight style. As the Drunken Master, he realizes that he is a better fighter and more powerful when he is intoxicated.

Ben Sanderson From Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Nicolas Cage won an Academy Award for his role in "Leaving Las Vegas." Cage plays Ben Sanderson, a depressed, obesessed, alcoholic who moves to Las Vegas after losing his job as a Hollywood screenwriter and being abandoned by friends and family. Ben throws his life away by drinking more alcohol than he eats food. He even goes to the grocery store to a buy a shopping cart full of booze. A sad and tragic story of a suicidal man who enjoys drinking alcohol more than he does living life.

Joe Clay From Days of Wine and Roses (1962)

Jack Lemmon plays Joe Clay in the 1962 film "Days of Wines and Roses." Joe Clay's character progresses in the film as he goes from a social drinker to an alcoholic addict. Alcohol interferes with his work and his relationship with his wife, who also becomes an alcoholic. Clay struggles to control his urges and get his life back together even as he attends AA meetings. He eventually sobers up for good but can't help his ex-wife who has fallen victim to a life of drinking.

Bluto Blutarski From Animal House (1978)

Next to Dudley Moore's "Arthur," John Belushi's character "Bluto" is a movie drunk phenom. In "National Lampoon's Animal House," Belushi plays John "Bluto" Blutarski, a frat boy and college student in his seventh year with a GPA of 0.0. He loves partying hard and drinking anything that has alcohol in it. His antics include smashing beer cans on his forehead, starting food fights in the cafetaria, and urinating in public. But his drunk behavior in college has no impact on him eventually becoming President of the United States.

Alan Swan From My Favorite Year (1982)

In the 1982 comedy "My Favorite Year," Peter O'Toole plays Alan Swan, a washed up swashbuckling actor who is drinks all the time. He is scheduled to appear as a guest on a variety show in the upcoming weeks but must remain sober in order to be on the show. Swan is befriended by one of the writers on the variety program who looked up to him as a child. He is encourage to stop drinking and regains confidence as an actor.

Henry Chinaski From Barfly (1987)

In the 1987 film "Barfly," Mickey Rourke stars as Henry Chinaski, a struggling writer who spends his days and nights drinking at the bar with the other barflies. Chinaski is stubborn and lets alcohol control his life. He ignores a book deal and remains with a girlfriend who cheated on him with a bartender he hates. At the end of the film, a drunk Chinaski engages in a street fight with the bartender with crowds of people watching and yelling.

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