4 Must See Bands In 2013

March 5th, 2013 7:30pm EST

The 2013 music scene is experiencing a revival of acoustic, indie, and vintage sounds. Bands like Mumford & Sons and other small-town bands are stealing the spotlight while the oldies are getting a second wind. Here are four amazing in-concert bands that you should see this year:

Country: The Zac Brown Band

Having been on the road for more than a decade, Zac Brown’s music seems to flow effortlessly between band members. Years of playing live and playing with each other creates an electrifying on-stage atmosphere. They reinvent old songs with impromptu variations while staying true to the core elements that their fans love. If you appreciate the mix of southern rock, country, and bluegrass music, you should get your hands on some Zac Brown Band tickets. Zac Brown will perform at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado in May. You can also catch them in Texas and Louisiana at different times of the year. A home concert at the Georgia dome is sure to rock the house in August as well.

Oldies: Journey

With a new lead singer and dedicated original members, Journey is still going strong at nearly 40 years of playing. Creating a solid mix of songs for performances, no Journey concert carries the same song list. The band has also mastered the art of big, show-stopping concerts that will wow and entertain as they play classics like “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “Only the Young.” Arnel Pineda, the younger lead singer discovered in 2007, offers a voice almost identical to Steve Perry’s. The exception is that Pineda’s voice does not waver or wear out, even after hours of singing. His energy pushes Journey concerts to new heights as other band members display the incredible guitar solos, drumming, and musical prowess Journey is so well known for. Journey will spend early 2013 in Indiana before beginning an international tour in Australia. The tour will touch down in Japan, the Philippines, and Germany. Almost ten shows in the UK will close out the tour.

Folk Rock: Mumford & Sons

Recently catapulted to fame after the smashing success of "Babel," Mumford & Sons’ concerts are full of fast strumming and fiddling, in addition to emotion-packed lyrics and a driving beat. The British band gathered most of their fans from constant concerts that allow their songs to grow and change in the moment. Word has it that they are already recording their third album, so purchase tickets to hear more of "Sigh No More" and "Babel" now. The U.S. Gentlemen of the Road tour is so anticipated that it is already sold out. The concerts will be held in Ohio, Oklahoma, and Florida. If you are one of the lucky fans to get a seat, you better believe it will be the highlight of your year.

Up and Coming: Churchill

This small Denver, Colorado band has taken the Internet by storm with their "Change" EP. While their previous (unavailable) albums consisted of softer music designed for a male singer with mostly piano and guitar, "Change" embraced the strong vocals of singer Bethany Kelly. To complement her incredible voice, a strong drum and base line rounded out the EP. The result was both catchy and mesmerizing. As a new band that is still picking up speed, catch Churchill in their Colorado hometown this month. Other 2013 shows include Texas and Oklahoma. Hopefully we will see much more from them in later months. These are our top picks for 2013 concerts. What bands do you want to see?

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