10 Celebrities With The Best Skin In Hollywood

March 27th, 2013 8:00pm EDT

Nicole-Kidman Celebrities may seem flawless in nearly every situation, but for many, this is simply the result of a good makeup artist, expensive products, flattering lighting, and some handy air-brushing. Tabloids that expose celebrities sans makeup have shown that some of the most stunning beauties onscreen are just as flawed as the rest of us when spotted on the street. Here are some lucky celebrities that boast flawless skin both onscreen and off.
Nicole Kidman - Fair Faced at Every Age

The pristine glow of Nicole Kidman's skin is especially notable because of its extreme fairness. Most women with skin so light would burn in an instant and show the aftermath of sun damage prominently by middle age. At 45, Kidman is the poster child for smart sun protection. She slathers on sunscreen, covers her skin, and wears wide-brimmed hats to keep her fair skin in such great shape. Kidman also avoids smoking and unhealthy lifestyle habits that will damage her complexion.

Ashton Kutcher - No Pranks in This Star's Skin Care

Some suggest that Ashton's youthful skin has had a little help from Botox, but even this cosmetic treatment can't account for all of his fresh-faced look. At 35, you'd expect to see a lot more wear and tear, especially on a skin tone that's relatively pale. It's likely that a smart skin-care routine with sun protection, glycolic treatments, and microdermabrasion is behind this star's smooth masculine appeal.

Lucy Liu - Natural Beauty and Minimalist Treatments

At 44, Lucy Liu has retained her stunning skin amazingly well. The actress reveals her secret as a complete avoidance of caffeine. Instead, she drinks lots of water to stay hydrated. All that moisturizing H2O is certainly showing up in her complexion. Unlike other celebrities, Liu stays away from facials, peels, and dermabrasion, which she believes will do real harm to delicate skin. Instead, she indulges in monthly acupuncture for all-over health.

Halle Berry - Less is More

Halle Berry is regularly idolized for her smooth, clear skin. So much so that she's gone public with some of her skin-care secrets. She uses a healthy diet and regular exercise to get much of her natural beauty and unforgettable glow. Both are known to help your complexion. She also relies on a carefully structured skin-care routine that includes a hydrating serum, upscale cleansers, and biweekly facials. She also avoids caking on the heavy pancake makeup that can so easily clog your pores.

Ryan Reynolds - Sweating the Way to Stellar Skin

Ryan Reynolds is in his mid-thirties, but his skin isn't showing any of that age. Sans stubble, he looks just as smooth and baby-faced as ever. Some believe that a bit of Botox is lurking behind his stunning skin, but other healthy lifestyle habits have surely had some impact as well. Creating the buff bod that he sports in films like "Blade" and "Green Lantern" took a lot of work. It's clear that this is one star who doesn't shy away from a little sweat, which may be why his skin looks so good.

Liv Tyler - Sun-free Porcelain Perfection

Liv Tyler sports the kind of flawless porcelain complexion that seems nearly impossible for mere mortals. With skin this fair, it's clear that a great deal of her skin success comes from smart sun protection. There's not even a hint of bronzing or tanning anywhere in her history, and she's one starlet who's actually made a success of having pale skin. It's likely that she has also steered clear of some of the bad habits that have affected her father's skin.

Beyonce Knowles - Simplicity in Routines

Beyonce's complexion always looks amazing, even when the star gets caught sans makeup. She credits the success of her skin care routine to monthly facials and regular steaming. Her other lifestyle tricks are just as simple. She drinks lots of water and eats a healthy diet. These are the kinds of tactics anyone can copy. Though her busy lifestyle as a famous actress and singer surely cuts into her sleep schedule, Beyonce has proven you can compensate for these such pitfalls with simple, smart techniques.

Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Right Products

From "Party of Five" to "The Client List," Jennifer Love Hewitt is one star who never ceases to look amazing. At 34, she's hardly aged at all since her fresh-faced days as a teen TV starlet. Hewitt has gone public about battling acne, but judging by her beautiful skin, she won that battle long ago. Some reports claim that she uses toothpaste to zap away zits.

Hayden Panettiere - A Youthful Glow

At 23, Hayden Panettiere still has time on her side, but her skin is so flawless it deserves mention despite her age. Her signature makeup look is usually fresh-faced and minimal. She champions the use of sunscreen daily. Panettiere has even been quoted speaking on how important it is to reapply throughout the day, which is a point many campaigns miss. Sun protection and moisturizing lip gloss are essentials in her routine, which yields amazing results.

Reese Witherspoon - Beauty on a Mommy Schedule

Reese Witherspoon is another fair-skinned beauty who gives a lot of credit to sunscreen along with the luck of good genes. She also relies on daily moisturizer, regular facials, and gentle mineral makeup. This busy mom and actress typically keeps her skin care simple, though she's been spotted at some upscale salons. Overall, this is a routine almost anyone could copy. Paired with her stunning blue eyes, this star's complexion is hard not to admire.
If you're after clearer skin, there are several striking trends you can spot among these stars, such as sunscreen, a healthy diet, and regular exercise. Overall, the secret to stunning skin doesn't seem to be in expensive solutions, but in smart routines that anyone can pull off.

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