4 Of The Worst Celebrity Social Media Blunders

April 27th, 2013 12:07pm EDT

Anthony Weiner Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook seem innocent enough at first glance, but many major celebrities have quickly learned about their dangerous side. Posts go viral in seconds and once said, no amount of deleting will take care of the screen shot that someone surely got of your blunder. Here are some top celeb mistakes along with the valuable lessons you can learn from them.
Anthony Weiner's Twitter Expose
Anthony Weiner accidentally posted a revealing photo of his boxers on Twitter that ultimately cost him his career. The mistake occurred when Weiner was attempting to send the picture as a direct message and accidentally used the @ mention instead of the correct "D" prefix that would have made the picture private.
The lesson here is that social media sites like Twitter should never be used for anything private, no matter how you plan to send the information. Stick to a safer means of communication and leave your social media accounts for public affairs only.

Ashton Kutcher's Extreme Misinformation

The fatal tweet for Ashton Kutcher's Twitter account read, "How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste." The actor had yet to gather all the facts and was apparently unaware of Paterno's involvement in a child abuse case. Kutcher attempted to back pedal as he learned the facts, but still decided to ultimately turn his account over to a professional publicity manager.
Individuals and businesses alike should refrain from sharing opinions on current events if they don't have all the facts. Doing thorough research before chiming in is always wise, even if it means you're not the first to comment to a particular incident.

Al Roker's Law Breaking Tweets

When Al Roker went in for jury duty, he attempted to share the experience by snapping pictures of the other potential jurors for the case. Though the pictures weren't taken in the courtroom, they did fly in the face of a posted rule against taking photos in the building and the court asked Roker to stop.
Always consider the legality and appropriateness of what you're tweeting, especially when you're in a public setting. There are many places from courtrooms to concerts where photos aren't allowed.

Ochocinco's Tweets During Gametime

The NFL fined Chad Ochocinco $25,000 for posting tweets during a game. The NFL prohibits players from posting to social media sites immediately before, during, and after games. This game day ban begins 90 minutes before the game and ends after post-game interviews.
You should always be aware of when you're posting tweets. Keep in mind that followers will put the pieces together if you're posting about boredom during an important public event or sharing the details of a lively day out when you called in sick.
Using social media is a complex matter and savvy posters need to think about what, where, and when they're posting. Follow on Twitter for more tips on safe, smart, and savvy social media use.

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