6 Things We Want From The Fourth Season Of 'The Walking Dead'

July 14th, 2013 3:03pm EDT

Walking Dead 1 As the popular television series, "The Walking Dead", prepares to return for its fourth season, viewers around the world have been discussing their favorite scenes and moments from the horror franchise. In the three years the show has been on, it has truly validated the idea of adapting a comic series for an adult audience. The series has been lauded for its compelling characters and horrifying zombie effects that would make the author of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark cringe. Read on to see what we’d like to see in the next installment of the series.

Twists and Deaths

With the addition of all the new characters last season, it's time to see some more casualties. The writers seem to be going soft on the viewers, wanting to keep the characters alive longer and filling up the prison with these people. Part of the excitement and thrill of the series is seeing who will survive and who won't. Since the show has made more of an effort to depart from the comic source material, the writers aren’t tied to having certain characters live or die. Let’s hope the fourth season picks up the pace and gets the fans buzzing again.

Kill Off The Governor

Along with the first tip, we want to see the demise of The Governor. He has wreaked havoc on Woodbury for too long, and after watching him nearly get killed several times, it's time for that to happen. It would also add a resounding note of revenge if Daryl was the one to do it. Season three did an excellent job of building up The Governor’s reign of terror. Ending his storyline in an epic fashion would bring closure as well as opening up opportunities for new villains.

Switch It Up

During season two, the characters stayed in one place, and the farm started to become stale. Season four should continue the previous year’s snappy pace by switching up the locations and character POVs. One of the best parts of the series is seeing how the zombie outbreak has affected the surrounding world and its toll on the characters. Keeping a snappy pace will give life back to a series that succeeds the most when danger is constantly lurking.

More Character Depth

While the Walking Dead has featured some compelling performances and setpieces in its run, one of its weaknesses when compared to other cable dramas has been its character depth. Viewers want to see more character development, even if they don’t end up surviving the season. The writers need to take a page from AMC’s other shows and bring some of the intensity and roundedness of Walter White or Don Draper into its protagonists.

Prison Breakdown

Along with the new locations that we'd like to see this season, let's also see the destruction of the prison. Too many episodes were set there, and it's become dull to see those walls and cells. A fiery explosion would be a fun way to say goodbye permanently to this place.

More Carl

Poor Carl! One of the series youngest protagonists sure has had it rough since season one. It would be interesting to see more focus on him and his viewpoints as we progress into the fourth season. Season three left a growing animosity between him and Rick and viewers can expect this storyline to be a large focus of the new year. Let’s hope the writers take the proper care of further developing his character.
Season four premieres in October 2013 on AMC. We can't wait to see what happens next!

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