5 Celebrities That Need A Comeback Or Image Change

September 29th, 2013 1:07pm EDT

llohan Drugs, alcohol, mental illness, scandals — you name it, there's a celebrity to use as an example. The following five stars have all faced their fair share of controversy and name-breaking incidents. Some major comebacks are in order.

Lindsay Lohan

Another Disney darling gone wrong, Lindsay Lohan is another one in need of a comeback. A frighteningly thin Lindsay made the gossip mill run overtime, and that just marked the beginning of her fall from adorable teen to, well, eek! In 2006, Vanity Fair reported that Lindsay admitted to having bulimia and using drugs. She denied both claims. Later that year the news spread that she attended Alcoholics Anonymous. Multiple DUIs, a few stints in rehab, and allegations of theft later followed.
After her most recent stay in rehab, Lindsay showed glimmers of new life. She's sober — for now, anyway. Will her reputation rebound or can we look forward to more fodder for eye-rolling? Only time will tell.

Miley Cyrus

Ah, yes, the twerking debacle at the VMAs. If she wanted attention, she got it. Too bad that the attention came with endless discussions about how the performance reeked of lewdness. The garb, the grinding, and the gestures with the foam finger created a scandalous combination that still has people shaking their heads.
An article published at Huffington Post gives some statistics that show the scope of Miley's fall. At the end of 2010, she ranked in the top three percent of celebrities for her influence and trend-setting. As of August this year, she is in the bottom one percent in several categories, including appeal and trust. No one wants to shove Miley back into being the sugary sweet Hannah Montana, but her Disney alter ego does have one advantage over the real Miley: people actually liked Hannah Montana.

Amanda Bynes

Another starlet with a tattered image who could use the help of a service like that from is Amanda Bynes. The troubles for the young star keep piling up. After side-swiping a police vehicle in 2012, DUI charges came against her. More incidents on the road followed. Bad driver or just bad luck? It's hard to say. In July 2013, she lit a fire in a stranger's driveway, after which the police took her into custody so she could be held for mental evaluation.
Another unattractive behavior included misadventures on Twitter. She labeled several other celebrities as ugly. One of the celebrities she insulted, Drake, later earned a description as "gorgeous" from her. She also posted revealing and bizarre images of herself.
Can she pull things together and bring back the Amanda Bynes who captured the heart of so many fans? Let's hope so.

Mel Gibson

It isn't just ladies who need a comeback. The public might love the artistic creations and beautiful blue eyes of Mel Gibson, but there's also plenty to cringe at. It isn't uncommon for celebrities to struggle with alcohol abuse, and Mel said that it's a problem that also runs in his family, so he might get a little slack for his years-long struggle in that area.
Accusations of racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia came upon him over the years, and it's those supposed attitudes that really earned him the ire of the public. Even his successful film, The Passion of the Christ, raised controversy because many saw anti-Semitic themes therein. In 2010, he faced a misdemeanor battery charge, which was later dropped.
Mel's generous contributions to various charities gives us a glimpse of his potential to shine as a true role model, so there is hope for the man behind the charming smile.

Britney Spears
Who doesn't miss the days when Britney Spears ruled the pop scene? Her bright smile and memorable performances took her straight to the top. Her fall didn't start until her spur-of-the-moment marriage to a childhood friend in 2004, a union that lasted less than three days before annulment.
2007 saw her go into rehab not long after a notorious head-shaving incident, and that same year, she engaged in a grueling legal battle with her ex-husband concerning the custody of her children.
After a battle with mental illness, Britney climbed back into the spotlight in a good way. In 2008, she won three Moonmen at the MTV Video Music Awards, and recently, the news came out that she'll soon have her own show in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. However, the Britney Spears who ruled the pop world might never regain her throne. We'll see what her hard work will amount to.
Everyone faces struggles and makes mistakes, and we love to see people bounce back from hardships and become better than they were before. With some effort, these five celebrities might just pull it off.

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