Helen Mirren Teams With 'Daybreak' To Give Away Famous Red Bikini

December 6th, 2011 11:13am EST


Everybody knows that Helen Mirren puts the "grrrrrrr" in "GILF."

At 66-years-old the British Oscar-winner for "The Queen" is still as scalding hot as a freshly brewed teapot, and she knows it, which is why she's selling off a quintessential piece of her booborabilia.

Mmmhmm, you got it, that stunning red bikini she poured herself into for the world to enjoy back in 2008 is going to be given away to one lucky bird or bloke who enters the contest being put on by ITV's "Daybreak."

It's all to benefit Age UK’s "Spread the Warmth" campaign, which provides thousands of elderly people with information, advice and practical services to keep them warm and fed during the cold winter months.

As reported by Digital Spy, Mirren is still quite in shock about all the attention her exceptionally buoyant everlasting gobstoppers have brought her after posing candidly for husband Taylor Hackford's camera only to be snapped by another onlooker. The bikini itself ain't bad either.

"It happens to be one of the best bikinis in the world because it fits," pitched Mirren. "The minute I bought it, I loved it because it's so hard to find a bikini that fits if you've got bosoms like I have, and so this one did fit so I did love it. I'm saying farewell to it a little bit regretfully, but hopefully it will go to someone who will fill it with as much aplomb as maybe I did."

"Maybe?" Honestly, you Brits and your modesty…

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Photo Credits: Brenna/Jason Fraser

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