Giants vs. Patriots: Who 20 Celeb Fans Are Rooting For In The Super Bowl

February 2nd, 2012 1:59pm EST

Tom Brady

Who says Hollywood doesn't know sports? With Super Bowl XLVI just days away, many in the movie biz are showing their true colors in preparation for the big game. But the fandom elevates when two storied teams like the New York Giants and the New England Patriots face off.

Here, we take a look at 10 die-hard celebrity fans for each team. Based on this study alone, the Patriots fans may be better-looking; but if a fight were to break out at the bar this weekend, we'd want these Giants fans to have our back.

New York Giants
Rooney Mara/Kate Mara It's not a stretch to say that the Mara sisters will be rooting for Big Blue. Rooney ("The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo") and Kate ("127 Hours") are the daughters of Timothy Christopher Mara, the Giants' VP of player evaluation; and their grandfather, Wellington Mara, was the longtime owner of the team.

Jon Bon Jovi Though the Giants are repping New York, their home stadium is in New Jersey -- and who's bigger in the Garden State than Bon Jovi? The singer and actor is a die-hard fan who can often be found in the owner's box during games. He's also the owner of the arena football team the Philadelphia Soul.

Peter Berg The director of gritty movies like "Friday Night Lights" and the upcoming "Battleship" is a New York native and has shown his allegiance to his team in the past, including by hanging with Giants co-owner and movie producer Steve Tisch at a party celebrating the team's Super Bowl run in 2008. Certainly he's hoping the same outcome will happen again this year.

Tracy Morgan The funny man is New York through and through, especially when it comes to the Giants. When Morgan was hospitalized at this year's Sundance Film Festival after a combination of exhaustion and altitude, he still had Big Blue on his mind when he tweeted: "Gotta thank the AMAZING medical staff and all my supporters! Love you. #GOgiants @Giants #ALLIN"

Jason Biggs The "American Pie" star announced his loyalty to the New York Post last Sunday, saying, "My first Giants jersey was Lawrence Taylor and I also had a Joe Morris jersey. That '86 team, they were my heroes."

Spike Lee Known for his loyalty to the Knicks and Yankees, Lee, while at Sundance promoting his new film "Red Hook Summer," was decked out in Giants gear shouting at the premiere screening, "What! NEW YORK GIANTS!! GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!!"

Edward Burns The writer, director and actor has made a professional living showing his New York roots on his sleeve, so there's no surprise whom he'll be rooting for on Sunday.

Danny Aiello The legendary actor can often be found at the Meadowlands on Sundays during the football season. And through the years he's been pals with players and coaches.

Kevin Dillon A loyal Giants fan, Kevin (and his brother Matt), like Aiello, is a regular at games on Sundays. And last year, though the Giants weren't in the big game, he still stood tall for his team, saying at a Super Bowl party, "I still think the Giants are the best team."

Viggo Mortensen Who would have thought Aragorn was a Giants fan?! But his recent trip to the "Late Show with David Letterman" makes things pretty evident.

New England Patriots
Gisele Bundchen The supermodel wife of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has molded her man into one of the most stylish players off the field (though Brady's hairstyles have been questionable during their relationship). She also gives great game-day advice. At this week's media day for the big game, when Brady was asked if his wife had ever given him advice, he said, "Throw the ball quickly. She doesn't like it when I get hit very often."

Ben Affleck It's hard not to mention this guy when talking about New England sports. Though it doesn't take much for Affleck to hate a New York team, there is a bit more incentive this time as the Giants beat the team his wife, Jennifer Garner, roots for -- the San Francisco 49ers -- to get to the Super Bowl.

Mark Wahlberg Though he's executive-produced shows about prohibition in New Jersey and friends from New York making it big in Hollywood, in real life Wahlberg is a Bostonian at heart, having always shown his loyalty to the Pats and Red Sox.

Steven Tyler The Aerosmith frontman and "American Idol" judge is an icon in New England, as his legendary band was formed in Boston. He showed his support for the Pats at the AFC Championship game two weekends ago when he sang the National Anthem while wearing a Patriots scarf. Unfortunately, he wasn't as good as his team that day.

John Krasinski He's not shy to show his allegiance to New England teams, as we remember the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry ads he did with Alec Baldwin.

Jessica Biel Though she's from Minnesota, Biel has said in interviews she's a Pats fan. Hopefully she's not rubbing it in too much that her fiancé's Justin Timberlake's team, the heavily favored Green Bay Packers, didn't make the Super Bowl.

Eli Roth The director of the "Hostel" films is a New England native. His cameos often include him wearing Red Sox garb, and as "The Bear Jew" in "Inglourious Basterds," he had a thick Boston accent. Before the AFC Championship game he tweeted to Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco: "Watching you guys today from Chile! GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Elizabeth Banks The Massachusetts native will be on Tom Brady's side on Sunday. Though she admits she's more of a Red Sox fan, and even digs the Steelers, she said recently, "Ben Roethlisberger is a ding-dong. He's no Tom Brady."

Matt Damon Like his buddy Affleck, Matt Damon has a soft spot for the Pats. Especially for Tom Brady, whom he believes is the type of player we'll never see again. When the NFL Network's Rich Eisen asked him about the 2008 Super Bowl and the famous catch made by the Giants' David Tyree versus the Patriots, Damon answered, "Eli, I contend, threw at least three interceptions on that final drive."

Jake Gyllenhaal The L.A. native says he is a Pats fan, which made things interesting when he shot "Love and Other Drugs" in Pittsburgh a few years ago. "There was this woman who had two Steelers tattoos on either ankle when I first arrived, and I realized I couldn't be a Patriots fan," he said at "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" a few years ago. Here's hoping he's in friendlier confines on Sunday.

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