First Look: Johnny Depp And Armie Hammer In 'The Lone Ranger'

March 8th, 2012 11:40am EST

DeppHammerLoneRanger We've got just one thing to say about the first photo from the upcoming film "The Lone Ranger:" Hi-yo, Captain Jack Sparrow! Away!

Not that this is the latest mashup from Seth Grahame-Smith or anything — though we'd love to see "Cowboys and Indians and Pirates" — but once you get a look at Johnny Depp as Tonto in this picture, you'll have to agree that some of the spirit of old Captain Jack is definitely present.

"The Lone Ranger," as you know, is a revival of the classic old west masked hero who reached the height of his popularity back in the '50s thanks to a hit TV show. Now he's being given a modern makeover courtesy of "The Social Network" star Armie Hammer, with Depp on board as the Ranger's loyal partner in crimefighting, Native American warrior Tonto.

Of course, with the white face paint he's showing here, Depp does look a little bit more like "The Crow" than Crowfoot and not just because he has, well, a giant crow on his head. But one look at the expression on his face and it's clear that somewhere in there, the heart of a pirate is still beating. Check it out, thanks to Jerry Bruckheimer's Twitter feed.

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Photo Credits: Disney

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