Mia Wasikowska Will Seduce As 'Madame Bovary'

March 30th, 2012 3:45pm EDT

Mia Wasikowska Mia Wasikowskahas played Alice, Jane Eyre, the daughter of two lesbians and the wife of a crossdresser. Talk about a diverse resume!

The young actress recently signed on to play the titular "Madame Bovary" with Sophia Barthes directing, according to Variety. Paul Giamatti is also in talks to co-star.

For those who weren't paying attention in AP English, the classic Gustave Flaubert novel divulges the lavish lifestyle and affairs of a bored doctor's wife yearning to escape the mundane. The literary masterpiece has been adapted for primarily the British screen in the 20th century, but this screenplay by Rose Barreneche promises to stay true to the period while also appealing to the "youthful and contemporary themes."

Wasikowska is riding a seemingly never-ending wave of headlining roles that hone in on her unique talent and Australian looks. Not only can she easily carry a film on her own, but the fresh-faced starlet has held her own against mega-watted celebs like Johnny Depp, Michael Fassbender and Glenn Close.

While she's had a busy 2010 and 2011 promoting critically-acclaimed films, Wasikowska is spending 2012 finishing up other productions that are sure to make her even more of a household name, including "Lawless" with Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Jessica Chastain.

We're digging the awesome ensembles Wasikowska's joining, proving her taste is almost as great as her talent.

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