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College graduate with a degree in English with an option in Lit/Film. I really love music. I'm obsessed with my fantasy baseball team. I have a wonderful girlfriend who puts up with my random rants about movies and music.

5 Christmas Songs To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

11/30/2013 4:00pm EST
5 Christmas Songs To Get In The Holiday Mood
It’s that time of year again. With a mere four weeks to go before the big day what better way to get in the mood then listening to some classic Christmas songs. Well admittedly, if you’ve gone shopping in any store or mall, you’ve been hearing these songs since November 1… And I’m not sure that The Dollar Tree ever actually takes down their Christmas decorations.

As a teenager my favorite Christmas album was The Beach Boys Christmas Album. The local country station would play a marathon of Christmas songs starting on like December 23 and go through all of Christmas day. Over the years sinc...

Top 5 Guilty Pleasure 90s Songs

11/17/2013 11:30am EST
I was listening to the radio on the way home from a car ride the other day and found a station that was playing some 90s music. It’s 92.9 in NH, if you’re wondering. They don’t always play 90s music but if you switch to it, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll hear something from that decade.

I’m a 90s kid. I was born in 83, so I suppose I’m a child of the late 80s and 90s. But I really don’t remember actively liking things until the 90s. It’s funny though because in the mid-90s I wasn’t even a fan of the music that I’m writing about here.

I don’t really believe in guilty pleasures. I feel...

Arcade Fire, 'Reflektor' Review: Uninteresting And Too Long Are A Few Words To Describe

10/29/2013 9:15pm EDT
Arcade Fire Reflektor
Words are hard. They’re hard to come up with to start this review off. Halfway through listening to the new Arcade Fire album, Reflektor, I found myself wishing I hadn’t set out to do a review on it. It’s not as if I needed to, I just like to keep busy and keep up with new music. I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out what to say, how to sum up how I feel about the album overall. I’ve thrown out a few tweets about it, but even 140 characters is hard to limit myself. This is a super self-indulgent, bloated, boring, pointless, wandering album. I could probably go grab a thesaurus and fin...

Review: Quick Thoughts On Miley Cyrus 'Bangerz'

10/15/2013 9:20pm EDT
Miley Cyrus Bangerz
Bangerz is the most calculated “risk” of the year. It’s a very produced album featuring pop music for the redneck contingent. It’s not to say that Bangerz is a bad album, it’s just weighed down by everything that Miley Cyrus has done before it. It’s an album that tries too hard to be “edgy” and “hardcore” and it’s not. Guest appearances from Nelly, Future, Big Sean, and Luda don’t really scream edgy, not anymore.

In between all the redneck-hip-hop songs are some actually good pop songs. Despite its awkward music video, “Wrecking Ball” is a great song, something that took me a while to come...

“Drinking Buddies” Is An Honest Look At Relationships, Friendships, & Love

8/27/2013 2:51am EDT
Drinking Buddies
Fair warning, there are spoilers in this review. 

This movie had me at Anna Kendrick. No seriously, “Drinking Buddies” had me there. What can I say, I’m a simple fellow. I knew I wanted to watch it just from that alone. I know that everyone gets all excited about Olivia Wilde, but I’m an Anna Kendrick fan, it stems back to “Up In the Air.” She’s just got that nerdy quality that makes her seem like anyone could just chill, have a beer with her and watch Star Wars. Speaking of beer. I like beer. Beer is good. Caveman like beer. The whole movie revolves around it, which  is probably an excu...

Review: Kacey Musgraves 'Same Trailer Different Park' - Nothing Revolutionary In Major Label Debut

7/25/2013 9:50pm EDT
Kacey Musgraves – Same Trailer Different Park
If there's someone that Kacey Musgraves ends up channeling it is Taylor Swift. That’s not a compliment. She appears to shoot for Miranda Lambert but ends up as a wannabe-Taylor Swift in all the worst ways. This album, Same Trailer Different Park, is supposed to be well reviewed and all that, but lord knows what all those other reviewers were thinking. This is easily one of the most boring albums of the year with some of the worst pseudo-intellectual lyrics.

Musgraves was a contestant on “Nashville Star” a country version of “American Idol” and placed seventh. It’s not a knock against “Nash...

John Mayer 'Wildfire' – A Fun And Perfect Song For The Summer

7/20/2013 2:07pm EDT
John Mayer
This has a Coldplay “Strawberry Swing” feel to it, only more bluesy. Poor John Mayer seemed to be starting to get his life back on track after making some fairly funny, yet completely awkward comments. Then he had to have a couple of surgeries on this throat, which caused him to have to miss out on touring to support Born and Raised. So to make it up John wrote another album and it’s coming out soon.

The first single, “Paper Doll,” was a fun reminder that John Mayer existed. “Wildfire” is the track that you can get on iTunes, you can either pre-order his new album, Paradise Valley, or just...

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