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Hello! I'm Nick! I'm a fact junkie who knows quite a bit of random knowledge when it comes to music, video games, movies, and tech.

Review: 'Days Of Abandon' The New Album From 'The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart'

5/5/2014 11:20pm EDT
Pains of Being Pure At Heart
"Days of Abandon" the new record from indie poppers The Pains of Being Pure at Heart reverses the course that the band started taking on 2011's fuzz pop masterpiece "Belong" and moves the band back into the realm of Felt and Teenage Fanclub inspired pop music. That's not a bad thing though, as Kip Berman's songwriting is stronger than it's ever been, and a lineup change has refreshed the band.

Peggy Wang, keyboardist and female vocalist, departed the group and has since been replaced by Jen Goma, of the shoegaze group A Sunny Day in Glasgow, and her presence on the record changes the dynam...

Top Ten 'Stalker' Anthems

9/30/2013 1:30pm EDT
Creepy Stalker
Love is one of the fundamental pieces of human existence, and therefore a lack of it causes certain people to act in terrible ways. One of these ways is stalking someone; following them around and watching their every move, hoping that they will feel the same way at some point. Here are ten songs that perfectly soundtrack any stalking adventure (not that I recommend engaging in the activity, since it's illegal, socially frowned upon and well, just weird).

10. "Under Your Spell" Desire

Johnny Jewel has certainly penned his fair share of creepy tracks (i.e. anything off of Chromatics ...

Top 20 Albums Of 2013 (So Far)

9/3/2013 9:45pm EDT
The 1975
The amount of excellent music releases this year has been staggering, and it’s been almost impossible to figure out what music to get and what to skip. So, here is a list of the twenty most essential records of the year so far:

“Run the Jewels” (El-P + Killer Mike) - “Run the Jewels”

Killer Mike and El-P unite after individually putting out two of the best hip-hop releases of last year. The results: one of the most focused, fun, and aggressive hip-hop albums of 2013.

Jon Hopkins - “Immunity”

Saying that something is a journey in musical form may be an antiquated means of describing ...

'The 1975' Review: The Essential Pop Album Of 2013

9/3/2013 3:51pm EDT
The 1975
Earlier in the year, The 1975 released “Chocolate,” the catchiest song of the year and a surprise summer hit that actually had quite a bit of depth to it. The track was genuinely refreshing, especially in the fact of the bland electro-pop that has been in complete domination of radio waves for far too long now. Now, a few months later, the group has released its first record, and the good news is that “Chocolate” was no fluke. The even better news: this is easily the best pop record of the 2010’s.

What separates The 1975 from their peers is their sense of ambition. It’s apparent that the g...

Understanding 'Only God Forgives' & Why It's a Masterpiece (Spoilers)

7/22/2013 9:15am EDT
Only God Forgives
Nicolas Winding Refn's latest movie "Only God Forgives" has been almost universally panned by critics, who have called the movie slow, dull, ultra violent, and confusing. To be fairly blunt, most of these reviewers have jumped on the "hate" bandwagon that this film has produced with the hope of getting more hits, considering that this movie is in fact equal to it's predecessor "Drive" in terms of quality and is bound to be a future classic. Just think, "Taxi Driver" got booed at Cannes in it's day and it's hard to think of anyone who doesn't now consider it a masterpiece.

Hollywood of late...

Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Is A Bland, Overproduced And Lazy Effort

7/9/2013 1:04pm EDT
In a weird sort of way, it’s hard to call Jay-Z’s latest record his “sell out” album, despite the fact that the whole thing sounds like an attempt to cash in on his listeners to make money. Jay does nothing new or interesting at all on “Magna” and if nothing else just managed to craft the blandest record of his career so far. However, his latest record has been released with a flurry of attempts to get media that are so desperate, so cheap, and so alienating that they are borderline disgusting. Making matters worst, Jay has now billed himself as some sort of revolutionary hero of modern mus...

10 Albums You Shouldn’t Miss From May 2013

6/11/2013 10:22pm EDT
Daft Punk
May 2013 was nothing short of a stellar month for music, and truly the first great music month of 2013. Without a doubt, the biggest news of the month was Daft Punk’s return to album crafting, with the masterful “Random Access Memories” but many other great records were released as well. Here are the ten most essential albums of the month:

“Obsidian” Baths

Will Wiesenfield’s first record under the Baths moniker was an eclectic, upbeat collection of electronic songs that was both spastic and innocent, but most importantly fun. The follow up, “Obsidian” is a far cry from that record thoug...

10 Songs That Should Never Be Played In Your Car With The Windows Down

5/25/2013 12:06pm EDT
Bow Wow
Spring is finally in full swing, and that means that it’s prime season for driving around with the windows in your car down, blasting whatever music you enjoy playing loudly and annoying others with. There are a few songs that you should avoid playing while the windows are down at all costs, however:

10. “Bow Wow” Lil Bow Wow

Apparently, Lil’ Bow Wow is just Bow Wow now. Well, hopefully when he lost the Lil’ moniker, he also lost this song with it. Easily one of the worst rap songs ever, even considering the fact that it was sung by a child, this song should not be played by anyone anyw...

Review: Phoenix Bankrupt! - A Record You Won't Want To Miss

4/24/2013 1:10pm EDT
Phoenix - Thomas Mars
Before the release of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Phoenix were the best kept secret in music. The band had already released three fantastic albums, and with their third, It’s Never Been Like That being the most radio friendly of the bunch, it seemed like Wolfgang would finally be the album to break the group into the mainstream, and it in fact was. Singles “Lisztomania” and “1901” were huge hits, and the group secured spots headlining various music festivals and numerous late night television show appearances.

Four years after the release of Wolfgang, the follow up Bankrupt! is now out and i...

Upcoming Albums Spring 2013: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Iggy & The Stooges & More

4/15/2013 7:20pm EDT
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito
Albums you should be looking forward to this spring: Are you looking for something new and different to listen to? Let us help you weed through all the new music that is scheduled to come out. Here's our take on what is worth giving a listen to.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Mosquito” April 16

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have had a few brushes with mainstream success in the form of singles like “Maps” and “Heads Will Roll,” but on their latest release they sound more edgy and experimental than ever, yet manage to also be completely entertaining and engrossing at the same time. It’s clear from this record th...

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